Academic Herb Ideas

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Academic Herb Ideas

Academic Herb Ideas
Post # 1
Hi! I was wondering if there are any herbs that could be used for educational purposes, such as doing good on a test. Is there?
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Re: Academic Herb Ideas
By: / Novice
Post # 2
The best is to study. But herbal oils might help. One comes to mind is rosemary. Just the smelling of it is suppose to be helpful for memory. Try having a sprig or two near when studying to help you remember what you're studying. Good luck on your test! Blessed Be...
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Re: Academic Herb Ideas
Post # 3
Blueberries, sage, and basil are also helpful for memory and focus! Remember to study too! It you won't help you to be dependent on magick for a good grade.
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Re: Academic Herb Ideas
Post # 4
I will briefly mention, What has been said, before. Studying is truly the best option, but it is also the hardest. Your mind won't always focus, which is why I think your asking for herbs.

I say try peppermint tea, with a little bit of ground cinnamon. The peppermint is too help with focus, and psychic ability. Along with the cinnamon, it will produce calmness though the body.

Also try success oil, rub it, into a green candle. Whenever you study, burn it. Say a chant too, like this one. Credit* Green wiccan book of shadows(study focus)*
"I need to focus, it is a must, so dont let this study, be a bust, thou it's hard, i wont restrain, i will memorize, and remember without pain, mote it be!"

A few other herbs can include:
*Bayberry(prosperity, and focus)
*sage (wisdom)
*Lavander (calm peace, rememberance)

I suggest trying to spray some lavander scent around your room, light a candle thats green, or yellow(prosperity, wisdom)
And just try to study.

Another way is to wear good jewelry, or metals when studying. I suggest the following clothes, and metals.

Yellow clothing
Tin necklace or bracelet
Aluminum metals
Lead(could be dangerous on skin, so hold it in a package )

Some stones include:
Quartz(focus, rememberance, competition)
Cloves (the plant I mean)
Tigers eye
Holy stone
Obsidian(good for grounding, focus, calmness, and remembrance )

Good luck!
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