Love spell or Obsession

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Love spell or Obsession
Post # 1
This is a question that I was asked, and Not sure how to answer as I don't know the difference.

I was asked how you could tell if you were under a love spell or if you were just obsessed. I was asked by someone who said, at their work there is a man that they though was attractive and wouldn't mind dateing, however they didn't feel a crush toward them. However, she has worked with this person about a year now and hasn't started seeing this person as attractive till maybe 5 months ago. Now in a matter of a week, she says she cant stop thinking about this person and that they are always on her mind even when they aren't around. She told me how she's had crushes on people before, but nothing to this degree, not even through highschool when she was obsessing over a boy she liked than. I asked her if she thought this man had casted a love spell on her and she said she wasn't sure. That wwhile she didn't know the man that well, he didn't act, nor look or hang out with people who she thought would be into the occult of any kind. Infact she said he was pretty sure he laughed at that sort of thing.

While she felt that this was an odd reaction, she told me that she couldn't tell if she was just obsessing and it was just a stronger crush than she's had in the past or if it is a love spell on her.

So; how can you tell the difference? Any ideas?
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Re: Love spell or Obsession
Post # 2
We'll to be honest, she may like him because maybe she finds him attractive in a way or feel like its her soulmate. It happened to me like once when i like this girl in my 9th grade year
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Re: Love spell or Obsession
Post # 3
I'm in agreement with Trev.

Maybe that guy is someone who could be really good for your friend and she's starting to discover that. She may feel as if a spell was cast since she doesn't recognize having such a strong liking toward him before. Maybe it'll turn into something great! :)
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Re: Love spell or Obsession
Post # 4
Thank you for the advice. I felt that it was her herself as well and I have seen the guy and have a feeling he may like her also. I personally feel she's a little scared of another relationship as she got out of a bad one and is hoping its just a love spell, but I think its important that she realizes it for what her feelings really are. I'm glad for the outside thoughts. I was worried I was being biased.
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Re: Love spell or Obsession
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Your instincts are usually right until they are second guessed.
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