fortune teller with cards

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> fortune teller with cards

fortune teller with cards
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I want to learn about this, if anyone here has any knowledge about this, please come and share
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Re: fortune teller with cards
By: / Novice
Post # 2

So you want kind of cards do you want to know about? People use different kinds of cards for divination. I personally use Tarot and normal playing cards.

And theres a lot more to them that just "fortune telling" or telling the furture. See the future isn't set in stone, so I've found my best readings are readings that tell me more about the querent and their current situation.

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Re: fortune teller with cards
Post # 3
You don't say which cards, so tell us that first. Since there is lots of cards, choose one.

If you have tarot : Grab a cheaper deck, or make your own. Tarot isn't telling your destiny, in reality it shows the future of the path your on. So if you pull a card and, it states unhappiness: that doesn't mean you'll be unhappy forever, it just shows the future, from the fact of continuing along the path your on right now.
If you do tarot, i suggest looking on basics, and videos of explanation. Tarot is hard for many, it's a path, work, and gift. That doesn't mean you won't be good, but it will take practice.

For other cards like :Dutch blitz, picture cards, or playing cards. First grab a internet meaning on one, or make little alterations.

My grandma taught me a dutch Blitz fortune telling trick. Since many used too play cards back then, we didn't always have tarot, ect.

My grandma taught me a trick. You take the four colors of the dutch cards (green, yellow, red, blue) and shuffle each pack around. Each color represented something. Green :happiness/Money, investment, richness
Red: Problems, onstacles, barriers
Yellow: Life/work/home envirements, accomplishments
Blue: Moods, hopes, dreams, relastionships

We took one card from one deck each time, eyes shut. We then looked at the numbers. If you got 6 items in blue, there may be possibly six emotional adventures, red:3= 3 problems, yellow: How many life home veiws: 2

We then took all the numbers, added them up, and subtracted by 4. That would be the amount of life's structure.

In reality there are many ways, good luck.
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