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Responsible Magic
Post # 1
I think magic is energy of life force in all nature. It's a mana in that sense and a gift we have to use responsibly. Its light that we project through nature and should use for a higher consciousness. So we should see this power for a culture we hold and behold in our heart. So I think that the people that use magic for only the good part of it black magic shouldn't even apply to their lives and even be real to them in a sense. So how we take in this force or light or power should be for a culture we live in and walk in and hold onto for life and the culture of it's source we project. I think a black candle is just a shade also , why shouldn't we have fun with our shadows learn how to heal in the storms we go through. I can use magic in darkness for the spirit to learn through the storm I could be going through , this is using darkness to heal from spirits or storms in the spiritual trials we go through. Like using moonlight in the night sky is within darkness a time we feel magic at night in the darkness. That's what I see black magic like if its words were proper but I cant say it that way because people have abused magics power and made that wording false.(people have literally ruined that privilege in my life cause now black magic is just made up as the idea as if its for cursing and doing acts of falsehood. Their are good ways to use spiritual gifts in darkness and if you cant see darkness as you would in the light the gift of black magic is false then in the light you behold. But their are ways and reasons to use curse's like unto spirits or things for your self defense, But to perform that kind of magic has honor that would follow it. You would have to know how spirits have their own honor you have to follow through with, and most don't learn till the ruff road. So that why in a tribe we leave that with the elders since they have been their and done it, and know the wisdom of whats best to do. I think that using things or gifts of the spirit like protecting yourself with black magic isn't for a beginner, it is something you can only learn with a pure heart and once someone finds the magic and its light in them self. then they can learn about it if they've found the truth that we can defend ourselves and can learn to be responsible with magic. Like how in a native tribe a child has festival when they become a man. Then they could know if defense is for them and their the warrior or it could not be and they would be the hunter instead. That is when you are born into your magic like becoming a man in a tribe where you've become enlightened to know your magic, its wisdom that brings responsibility.

I am just sharing whats on my path someone else's idea could contradict what I wrote and be more right the spirit is all a personal relationship with ourselves and the spirit we only can tell our self the right thing no one else can.
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Re: Responsible Magic
Post # 2
Like when someone reverses a bad energy someone has sent is knowledge that should be preserved for if it's the right time and shouldn't just be given to anybody. That's why I think spiritual ways have been lost and have become ancient, the spirit see's it has to learn in the right place for us to have the magic that's right for us knowing whats right from wrong. That's why I think you have to prove to a shaman his honor for him to teach you and pass it down to you to learn these gifts. It should be a great honor to be trusted with this protective spiritual gifts like reversal. That's why I think its best to do what you know is right like banishing the energy or protection with light not bring false energy to pass at all till you know what is right to walk in in the spirit till you approach these responsibility's. That way we learn the light and what balance's magic and become enlightened for what the spirit wants for us. I've found the spirit will see someone after it's truth to take notice and it will give you more gifts and even teach you how magic in defense is right to use.
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Re: Responsible Magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Life is a series of large or small problems to be solved. The secret is not to be afraid of the storms; but to learn to dance in the rain!
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Re: Responsible Magic
Post # 4
Yes I agree
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Re: Responsible Magic
Post # 5
My problem is I've never done magic with others because of all the bad you hear and see and I feel so Isolated the things I've used with others is reiki healing and meditation. I'm still to scared to get up and do it with others. And I may be shy.
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