Philosophy? Musing?

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Philosophy? Musing?
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I myself, am very philosophical. So, for those who don't know what this may mean, it means that you think about every little thing. Some great philosophers are Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. There are many, many more than just these three. I merely named the three most known.

Philosophers have asked questions to themselves, that even contradict what they do. Some examples are as follows:

What does philosophy entail?

Am I a philosopher?

How am I a philosopher?

Who can be a philosopher?

To you, these answers may be very simple. But to a philosopher, they can, and aren't. How they both are, and aren't, is because, generally, they think in great detail, and very little detail to try and see every point of it. Sometimes an answer may be very simple, and sometimes not.

Philosophers refuse to accept that there is just a simple answer. But they also refuse to believe there is a complicated answer. The way that works, is because they have to see it from every point. Even put themselves in a position of another, to see how another person may view it.

There are some people who are paid to think. These are usually university professors. And their job isn't as easy as it sounds. They must think up a philosophical metaphor, and make a lesson out of it to teach their students.

Then there are some people who "practice" philosophy as a hobby. Something to fill time. I personally am the latter. I practice and study philosophy as a hobby. It is one of my hobbies, that takes up most of my time. Usually, if it doesn't make much sense, as when I over think things, everything becomes befuddled, I scrap it, and forget about it. But, this metaphor that I am about to write, is my work. It was produced from my brain, and from my brain, it is going here.

Now, imagine that there is a center of the universe. And, all around it, are realms. The center universe has an orb in it. This orb signifies all that the universe is.

When the universe was put forth (I haven't thought into detail for this, so there is a hole here) the orb gave enough life force out of it, to create one realm. And in this realm, there are planets. Quite similar to ours. There is life in this realm on one of these planets. Even if this life are trees, and plants, and whatnot.

When one of these plants dies, it sends it's lifeforce to the orb in the middle of the universe, and the orb sends a little bit back, to create more in that realm. Eventually, the orb is getting loads of lifeforce, and is able to create another realm. And this realm has animals and plants. Animals such as deer, moose, and other prey. The same thing goes on and on.

Then, another realm is made, with plants, prey animal, and predator animal. When the predator kills the prey, the predator absorbs some of the lifeforce, and the rest goes to the orb. When that predator dies, it's lifeforce, and the prey's lifeforce is absorbed by the orb.

Now we have humans, prey animals, predator animals, and plants. The prey eat the plant. The predator eats the prey. The human eats the predator. Now the humans have the lifeforce of three other living things inside them. When they die, the orb absorbs four lifeforces.

So, in the beginning realm with the plants, the orb was getting enough lifeforce to create another realm, hypothetically, every year. Now, because we literally have so much lifeforce going around, the orb is creating another realm, again hypothetically, every minute.

I know it's a bit of a long read, but thank you for your time.

That is my philosophical article. Thoughts? Comments? You can mail me or comment them. :)
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