Id like to point this out

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Id like to point this out

Id like to point this out
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Am I the only one new to the craft who knows you shouldn't cast a spell just for the sake of casting a spell? There are times in chatter where people pop up asking for the first spell they'll ever cast, all pumped and ready. Intentions are important and I feel a lot of people wanting an easy spell just want to play around without thinking. There should always be a reason. I feel sleep and very light protection spells are the only things I'd recommend. When I say something like that most of my peers droop their heads wanting a money or love spell, or something with bright colors and explosions. You must learn to crawl before you can walk. Enjoy feeling energy around you and in yourself, don't jump into the deep end too soon. There are consoquesses to your actions sweetheart.
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Re: Id like to point this out
By: / Novice
Post # 2
By my experience, because I grew up psychically sensitive: everybody casts spells just for the sake of casting spells. They just don't know it. Once they do know it, they can direct it better, but I think everybody's already in the deep end. Reason before casting is to me like putting the cart before the horse.
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Re: Id like to point this out
By: / Novice
Post # 3

How exactly are we defining "just for the sake of casting a spell," and "if you don't need to"?

Like, are one or both of you suggesting that one should not perform a ritual unless they have a very specific goal that they wish to accomplish? If so, how is one supposed to become competent as a magician? I used to perform pentagram-based invoking rituals all the time, choosing whichever element I felt like I could use a little more of in my life, mostly for the sake of becoming really good at pentagram rituals. And what about magical traditions which suggest performing the LBRP once or twice daily just for the sake of general magical hygiene?

I understand not supporting people running around casting all willy-nilly, but I believe that casting when you don't absolutely need to is a good thing, that way you're not still bumbling around like a noob when you have a genuine need for magick.

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Re: Id like to point this out
Post # 4
Leave them be, It's their life. Anyways you seem to be acting like you know, ''everything''.

Yes we all should have knowledge, and experience. But in order to gain knowledge we must first: Try.
We shouldn't do spells for the sake of it, but we should be allowed to do spells.

It is advised to not do spells until you have, knowledge. It isn't needed, but many do follow it. You shouldn't do spells alot, but if your a newbie you soon realize..experience and nature are your only helpers.

You said yourself, your a newbie. Your valid words, not mine. So don't judge orhers, unless you want to be judged, and unless you'll judge yourself.

In order to gain knowledge, you need experience. In order for experience, you need to experiment. This could go on, and on. It's there life remember, so everyone needs to start somewhere. Good luck!
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Re: Id like to point this out
Post # 5
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Re: Id like to point this out
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Nothing is wrong with casting a spell as a gotta start somewhere and build from there but basic knowledge of spell casting should at least be studied so that one knows the consequences of what one is doing.

I started with a good luck's easy and low risk and one can surely tell if one has had good luck during the day. If it works, then yay for you..and if it does not, then no harm done.

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Re: Id like to point this out
Post # 7
I'd like to add that you can't really know someone's intentions with casting a spell. Maybe they're ashamed of their intentions? Maybe they don't feel like sharing? And even if they do it just for hell of it, isn't it a form of practicing? Who's to say what's right and what's wrong?

But I do agree that willpower when casting spells is very important.

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