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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dreams...Help!

Post # 1
My dreams have told me things in the past - usually I interpret them too late. However, two nights ago I had a dream that disturbed me. I dreamed that I was watching 4 children dressed in Victorian bedclothes in a house that had a few inches of water flooding the rooms. They did not seem concerned although I felt something terrible was about to happen. Sure enough the next scene in my dream was of a large bed with the same 4 children laying dead - eyes open, in black and white like one of those haunting Victorian photographs. My Dad's wife was sitting on the bed telling me that the poor children had been electrocuted in their sleep and I felt so much pain and anguish as I screamed in horror as those children were mine. I awoke puzzled as I only have the one child an he is very much alive! What does this one mean as I just cannot fathom it out.
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Re: Dreams...Help!
Post # 2
that is a big dream... it may predict that u will recieve 3 children in the near future... but your 4 kids might die all at once because of something electronic... thats my take on it, hope i could help
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Re: Dreams...Help!
By: / Novice
Post # 3
It could be your subconscious parsing your relationship with your dad's wife, perhaps something about her attitude has killed your creative force or youthful courage to try new things.

It could be that there is some emotional crisis (symbolized by the water) that you think you can manage (the children are not worried) but leaves you vulnerable to some other sort of attack (electricity: water is a conductor of electricity).

It could be a past life sort of vision, maybe your dad's wife and yourself met before and in your dream you recognize her soul and remember her as you met her in this life and not a past life, but the children haven't reincarnated into your life yet so you see them as they were.

It could mean a lot of different things.
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Re: Dreams...Help!
Post # 4
Thankyou, this has really helped.
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Re: Dreams...Help!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
What were the kids genders? It could be future children if the oldest was the same gender as your child but I doubt it.

Victorian clothes, symbolize the confining culture, so seeing or wearing Victorian style clothes can indicate restraint of some kind. four [as in the four children] can mean a few things depending on culture. Many Easter cultures view four as a symbol for death. But four can represent stability and the earth element. The children could be aspects of yourself you have yet to nurture, or symbolize people who are acting 'childish' in your waking life. Personally I feel the children [as you watch them but they are unaware of the danger you perceive] it's a secret or something you keep hidden for some reason. Since they die it might represent a sheltered part of yourself. Another option it could be unresolved feelings towards your dad or his new wife. Just an idea.
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