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Physics links
Post # 1
I'm not sure if this is real or a fluffy thing, But is it possible to create a physic link to an animal. I am not certain about this so I really need feedback. thank you for helping answer my question.
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Re: Physics links
By: / Novice
Post # 2
do you mean a psychic link?

i dont think so, but if you have a pet you spend a lot of time with they get to know your body language really well and you get to know them really well too. You are kind of the center of their life/world so they key into you really well.

My two schnauzers had my schedule down and could express their needs to me really well, and i guess they kinda "got" me too...knowing my moods and stuff.

i wouldnt call it psychic, just that they experience a relationship with me (and vice versa) in a strongly bonded fashion.

if that makes any sense

but in terms of psychically communicating...? doubtful

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Re: Physics links
Post # 3

You are 12.

Site rules state that you must be 13 to join. Please come back when you are 13.

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Re: Physics links
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
I like your post,Thor, whilst ignoring the very young one.
I have long studied both domestic cats and dogs; and have raised many of both.Both can communicate very well with humans, but I think dogs more so. And I think I understand why. Contrary to popular belief, cats do not really like to be stroked! But they do like to be "held", and to sit close! Dogs, however, are pack animals; and if you own a dog, you are part of the pack! It is why a dog may control YOU, if you allow the dog to become the dominant "leader" of the pack; especially the male dog.
I live amongst the rural hunters, with packs of fox hounds. The "Whip" controls them exceptionally well. Even though I have never seen a "Whip" actually whip a dog!
It seems to me that the difference between cats and dogs as pets, is that a dog (unfortunately!) that is badly treated will still lick the hand that hurts it! Mistreat a cat, and you will never see it again!
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Re: Physics links
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I agree with you about the pack mentality of dogs. That is essentially such a dog thing.

And youre right, dogs do not distinguish between themselves as dogs and you as a human...its just "the pack"

And they are so keyed into you they really do communicate the best they can!

I didnt know that about cats Brysing, very interesting but that explains a lot!

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Re: Physics links
Post # 6
Thank you for helping answer my question
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