Athena my spiritual guide

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Athena my spiritual guide
Post # 1
Ok while meditating I asked the universe for my spiritual guide and I saw a women in clothing of that you would see in Greece or Rome etc with a golden flower crown around her head looking very majestic, I did not ask her any questions unfortunately as I got distracted from my meditation.

So on another meditation, I was mediating and I was visualizing floating in space. I asked the univers what god or goddess to align with and the name Athena popped into my head before I could even finish the sentence without any hesitation. I was not thinking of her at all and I never really was attached to her prior, it was a completly like random answer. After looking up Athena I noticed her traits are very similar to that of mine and It makes sense to me now why I would align with her. She also looked very similar to the person I saw in my first mediation,except Athena has dark hair in most of the pictures online, though I did not ask if she were my higher self/spiritual guide is it possible that Athena could be my higher self or spiritual guide?
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Re: Athena my spiritual g
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Only more exploration and experience can reveal what's what.
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Re: Athena my spiritual guide
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Gods are not guides. They can be teachers but they will not hold your hand through life like most guides. What is more likely the case is that based off your spirit/personality you relate closest to Athena and other such deities and spirits of intellect and curiosity. I see it like branches in the tree of life. Whatever branch you exist on, you are surrounded by and able to access most easily those on your same branch over those on other branches. Your branch, according to your meditations, is the same one Athena sits on (all metaphorical) or in some beliefs she IS the branch you sit on not on it. Your guide also belongs on this branch, but they aren't quite up to god level. They're like you, but not in a physical life.

My question is, why the Greek pantheon? Do you believe in past lives? Perhaps the woman you saw was you at another time, which could very well be the image representing your higher self or soul.
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