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training visualization
Post # 1
I'm sure everybody here already knows the value of visualization in magic. I've been conducting a sort of study on how to train visualization ability, and I'd like assistance from anyone here who would like to assist. All you have to do is take a test, do whatever you want for a month or so, and then take the test again, and it will help us to learn how to train visualization so that people new to magic know the best way to start.

I'm especially looking for people who want to improve their visualization ability, and are going to be working with a specific method for at least five minutes a day for a month. That method can be whatever you want. I know there are lots of guides on visualization on the internet (a few good ones on this site, which is why I'm coming here with this), but you don't need to work with a guide. Just drawing a picture, or meditating on a mandala, or performing rituals, or visualizing your lover's face will work. Ideally you'd do at least five minutes of this every day, but even if you don't, I'm interested in hearing from you.

I'm interested in results from everyone, and all of it tells us something. For example, so far I haven't heard from anyone who is already very good at visualization, so I don't have any pros to compare the newbies to.

I would also like more information from people who don't want to train visualization. So, for example, if your practice is astrology, or tarot, and you're not doing any visualization at all, I'd still like to hear from you.

The test is completely anonymous. You'll be asked to enter a name, but it's only so I can match your results from the end of the month to your results from the beginning of the month, so any name at all works, as long as you remember it.

You're also asked to time yourself for eight questions of the test. It's no big deal if you take a long time, or if you answer questions poorly, so please don't stress out about that or anything. But have a stopwatch, or a cell phone, or ready for when you get to that part of the test.

This is the test:

And so far, I've been posting results here:

Thanks for your help, and I'll be checking back with this thread to answer any questions anyone might have.
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Re: training visualization
Post # 2
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Re: training visualization
Post # 3
I'm not sure if many do this, but one method i found to be particularly easy when it comes to visualisation of something happening for your spell to work is imagination itself. Its not hard to imagine something to happen, and if your imagination is creative enough i guess, you can visualise anything to happen.
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