Help. life being ruined!!

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Help. life being ruined!!
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Help. life being ruined!!
Post # 1
Hello folks, I am in my late 20s now. I am of muslim faith and I always despized of the witchcraft community, but lately sicne is started reading up more on this site there are so many good members here who have changed my perception. So I am here to seek some help as I am very naive to begin with.

My life has been ruined since i was a child by some expert magicians in the family who despized my family for various reasons. I been trying to figure out what kind of curses/hexes/ and god knows what have been cast on me and my family back in India by some family members who are known for practicing black magic,more like experts now. I used to play with their kids and we had a few fights just like how all kids have them while playing sports, and they would really hate me for it. I can't list all of the hardships i have gone through since I was a kid, always was behind my homework/school work/attention issues, emotionless, mind was like always frozen, and god knows what. But here it is in a nutshell a brief picture of what i been battling all these years since childhood.

-Mental blockage from thinking/planning/doing things...(i feel as if something travels around inside the head) last minute confusions/ sudden change in behavour
-income/earnings/jobs which dont last more than months/ a year
-Blockage from relationships/marriage/etc that don't last more than a few months
-Dropped out of college in my last year
-lethargy esp during the evening and was having sleepless nights for years, battled with depression for over 6 years, (have gone thru episodes and panic attacks phase)
-Have seen all sorts of doctors and whatnot but meds never worked for i turned to the gym and spiritual tradition that is part of my Islamic faith and began self-treatment that really helped me overcome depression/anxiety problems, however the mental blockage continues.

-Now the problem is how the heck do i get rid of this mental blockage, something thats inside my head that has been holding me hostage for about 15 years of my life? It has really torn my life apar
-I really need to know what sort of things these magician family who are pretty experts have been doing? I am quite certain they might be renewing the spells and what not (no idea how the spell renewal thing works?

Re: Help. life being ruined!!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Help. life being ruined!!
Post # 3
Do not go to anybody that asks for money to do things magick-related, they are always scams!

Re: Help. life being ruined!!
Post # 4

Malon you have been reported.

Never ever pay for something like this online. Never give out personal information.

I'm sorry your life is rough but it doesn't sound like a curse or hex or anything of that sort. Believe me, you would know if you were cursed.

Re: Help. life being ruined!!
Post # 5
The first thing you should do, I think, is not to think your adversaries as experts. Your fears allow them to work. As you get rid of it, everything else may fall to place.
best of luck.

Re: Help. life being ruined!!
Post # 6
hi there you need to be very careful as you are in a frame of mind where you would take any advice from anyone, there are a lot of people out there in the web who could easily scam you so my advice is to be careful as many people are saying on here, remember that you are a good person, and that to remember the help you need is in yourself what ever you want to do in life is within your grasp. also try and look towards meditation as when I have bad days that's what helps me hope this helps.

Re: Help. life being ruined!!
Post # 7
I do think its a curse, i feel there is something inside my head trying to oppress me n i get lots of headaches that only go away with meditations not meds.

Other things i experience: I constantly drop things, had two accidents this year alone, can't focus on doing one thing, mind changes at the very last minute, can't keep a job or woman for a few months *anxiety comes out.

I know they used to do magic on me and my family n i been seeing lots of dreams i.e. saw those guys doing weird spells on me n family.

Re: Help. life being ruined!!
Post # 8
Honestly I feel something is trying to possess my body. I feel a spiritual presence around my chest, head and legs. Whenever i do prayers it feels burning sensation around my body.

Something is trying to possess me. How do i get rid of it? it is causing all sorts of blockages in my life. Depression, anxiety, etc. you name it.

Please, need some senior members help!!!!

Re: Help. life being ruined!!
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Smudge your place and do a thorough self cleanse, as in bath or shower. Let all the negative wash down the drain. Then put up some protection to keep this from happening again. You have the power to do this. Using sage for smudging, and herbs in the bath, AND in your mind; positive to push out the negative. This should work. BB

Re: Help. life being ruined!!
Post # 10
Thanks, tried smudging but the thing keeps coming back to possess my body!!

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