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Post # 1
Theres a site I have found that i need answer to. Many people online has said that their wishes come true but whenever i ask how they Never reply back.

If you tried the site and yours came true I have some questions of how to make the wishes..

1. How did you feel about your first wish when you were doing it and what did you do to make it come true?

2. Can you fold the paper so i don't have to carry it and put it in my pocket?

3. Do I have to do the 11:11 thing once or twice a day?

4. Can I put a time limit on my wish like for examples " I wish for this to happen by 2015"?

5. Were you skeptical about your wish when you first tried it? I am still skeptic about the whole thing... I want to believe and I keep seeing 1111 and 8 at odd times and places but I still can't bring myself to feel anything intense about it. If this is real will that effect my wish because I am skeptic?

Were you skeptical about your wish coming true?

Also if it doesn't work I have a stalker who has been stalking me for over 9 years. Ive been trying everything I can to get rid of them but nothing works. Are there a spells to stop them from stalking me or any spellcasters that will help me with the problem?
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By: / Novice
Post # 2

I don't think it works in the way the site says it does.

It is getting you to wish for something, and keep that wish in your head until it happens basically. This is something you can do without the use of a website.

If you say something to yourself like "I will get better at writing." And keep that wish at the forefront of your mind, while trying to get better at writing, chances are, your wish will come true. You put the effort in, had a desire for it, and made sure you were doing everything in your power to make it happen.

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By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
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