How Can l connect

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How Can l connect
Post # 1
Hi y'all! Though new into this site, I believe there are a lot of experienced hands here. Can someone please help me? Is it possible to have the transfer of the "seeing of visions" exhibited by my late mentor who just passed on? If so, how can I connect to this powerful "seeing" ability? Thanks so much even for the least concern. Blessed be.
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Re: How Can l connect
Post # 2
I'm not familar with this, but i don't think so. We all however, have the power to see visions. Were all born with these ability's but it takes work to open it.

i say look around and ask on chatter, even search it up in the divination section.

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Re: How Can l connect
Post # 3
Thanks a lot for concern @eyesOApollo. Your contribution is helpful.
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Re: How Can l connect
Post # 4
Okay,where to start....depending where you have evolved to in your studies will determine how far you are from true vision . control of vision is still not in my grasp.. 3 eyes 3 ears one mouth is a good model to study....when the mouth is open it is much harder to see or listen. the third eye is developed to different degrees in everyone,the third ear is very important to studying and enhancing the abilities of the third eye bringing you vision. I will try to explain the third ear. the third ear is not really sounds coming from the outside world it is more like a dog whistle ...dogs hear this you do not . the third ear comes in the form of urges within and i do not mean cravings or various other urges , i mean more of a tug or a whisper within. These urges or whispers may be very soft or really powerful usually the strong ones are accompanied by emotions that may bring tears down for no obvious reason . now these emotions are caused by the spirit world connection you are experiencing . the gentle whispers are the key to study in this area reason being they are easy to miss . you will find as you study that quite often you have been brushing off the third ear all through your life . learning to listen to the spirit world and the teachings within will surely lead you toward your correct for your mentor ,I would say you are still a valued student as you are seeking wisdom in your mentors time of leave . to have something in your hand that belonged to your late mentor will increase your ability to communicate . you must be aware that communication comes in different ways not worry you do not need to run around thinking everything is a sign , they will be unmistakable even viewed by multiple people when experienced . a good example of a soft whisper is an urge to go out of your way and look around the corner of a building when you regularly would not ,but you did and behold something out of the ordinary happened
this is you listening ....I am not sure what you have or use for study guides but chapters book stores carries a wide selection of well written materials . keep in mind many books are written to make money ..... some books are written to share good education ... study what draws you to it not what you think you should study.......once you start with the third eye and ear it is not something you can just shut off...the more you study the more agitated you will feel when you refuse to listen or respond to your studies least this is what i experience......hope this helps...
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Re: How Can l connect
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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