Help please danger

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Help please danger

Help please danger
Post # 1
My best friend Emy has this old grandfather clock that is supposed to be wound twice a day but , even though it hasn't been wound in years it still ticks on at the right time down to the second, that has been in the house since she moved in as a little girl. Her father is a combat trained Marine. He got curious about what was behind it. They moved it to check the next day he broke his arm. And since they started talking about getting rid of it, bad things have been happening. When she first moved in she apparently stood in front of the door that lead to the attic and said "Mom there is something in there, it's going to hurt me. Get it out." She has no recaletion of this though. She only knows because her mom told her. Recently her little sister did the same thing. Doesn't remember a thing. Not to mention the dream she had Thursday night. She was asleep in the dream and sort a floating. When she looked down she saw her body lying there and there was a man standing over her with the same skeletal design on his back as on the back of the clock. He smiled at her and she lifted up off the bed she ran to see about her sister because she heard her screaming for help. Her sister was also floating above the bed but there was no man. Then Emy woke up but she was still in the dream. She grabbed the knife that was on her dresser and went downstairs to attack the clock she gauged the clock at the bottom before she heard her parents screaming she ran upstairs and in her sister's room her sister was dead in a pool of her own blood. And in her hand on a piece of paper, written in blood, was "you should have come when she screamed" in her hand writing. Then Emy woke up and looked down at her ribs and noticed a large broose on her ribs that she has no clue how it got there. Not to mention her extremely conservative Catholic mom has this weird obsession with the clock and that while everyone else wants to get rid of it her mom is determined to keep it. Please, whatever is in that clock or in the house or attic could hurt my friend and her family. I'm just a senior in high school she's a 10th grader who skipped 2 grades and the only other person we have for help is our other best friend, a Taoist named Lex who knows a lot about the supernatural but doesn't know how to handle this. Please we need help I don't want anyone to get hurt. Please.
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Re: Help please danger
Post # 2
This sounds to me like a classic case of a negative entity spiritual attachment to an object. But this could very well be a demonic or other vengeful restless spirit or ghost.

In dealing with negative entities, it is most important to understand that they are simply spirits of humans with bad dispositions and possibly ill-intentions. They are not demons, devils and the like. The source of any negative entity's power is through invoking fear into their victims. If successful, fear will allow a negative entity to gain control over the mind of the person whom they seek to attack or influence. Unfortunately, most people fear what they do not understand, so it is easy for a negative ghost to find fearful victims.
If you don't want to rid of the grandfather clock, then these are some ways to rid of the negative entity:
Fuming is a process of burning dried herbs to banish unwanted entities. Clouds of fragrant smoke ward them the same way bug repellant can ward mosquitos.
To fume, place a heat-proof pot on a heat-proof surface. Light an incense charcoal briquette (never use barbecue charcoal, which is toxic when burned indoors) and put it in the pot. Then open all the windows and sprinkle a spoonful of herbs on it every few minutes to build up billows of smoke.
Certain herbs repel entities and make them slink back from where they came. Use sage or thyme if it?s a minor problem. If you feel the entity is mischievous or maligning and might not want to leave, use something stronger such as garlic powder, juniper berries, cinnamon or cloves. Leave the room if using these stronger herbs and come back when the smoke clears.
As you begin sprinkling the herbs on the hot coal, tell the entities very clearly that you want them to leave.
Water if Oil
Blessed water or oils banish entities, particularly those with more evil intent. Many churches sell holy water, but you can have your clergy bless it or bless it yourself with a prayer. You can also say prayers to bless a vial of olive oil, clove oil or cooking oil mixed with chopped, raw garlic.
Sprinkle holy water, or dip your finger in oil to draw a religious symbol (such as the cross) or a protective symbol (such as the 5-pointed star) on every door, wall and window in the house.
As you go from room to room, utter blessings and prayers from your Higher Power to assist you, and firmly tell the entities they?re not wanted and must leave.
Salt has long been used as a protection from unwanted spirits and entities. Bless a bowl of salt and throw handfuls around the room, charging the entities to be gone. Protect your home further, place a line of salt across every door that leads into your house and across every windowsill to create a barrier that will repel spirits.
Get Help
Some spirits and entities are stronger than others, or their intentions are so evil that they are not easily deterred. If you have a very nasty intruder, things may not improve?or may get even worse! While these cases are rare, it is the time to call in a professional medium, spiritualist or clergy person to help you. I would get a preist to come and bless the object and your house.
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Re: Help please danger
Post # 3
But if you do look into ways to dispose of the grandfather clock the you need to know how to properly handle this object.
First, you must NEVER destroy it! The first impulse may be to destroy the offending article because you feel that if you destroy it you will destroy the energy involved with it. If the energy attached to the item was not residual, but an intelligent entity, they may latch onto whoever destroyed the object and have a bit of an attitude if their item was destroyed.
Some people claim that one can cleanse a particular object, but from experience residual energy can be difficult to remove. Some claim that sage smudging will work, while others bury small items in sea or kosher salt for a few days. But this isn't a such a small object so that might be dificult to follow through with the burying in salt.
For really dark energy attatchments(which this case sounds like), it is important to either find someone who deals especially with dark energy or to remove the item from your home. Although, I would not entirly recommend this but you can throw the item in the trash if you have serious concerns with it. Some experienced dark energy professionals will either bury an item off of the impacted property or dispose of the item in deep water. (Please note, I DON'T support littering in any way. Let a professional handle the item).
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Re: Help please danger
Post # 4
Thank you for help. Not many people believe me.
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Re: Help please danger
Post # 5
Your welcome!
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Re: Help please danger
Post # 6
It is a spirit that has attached himself to this clock. It sounds like he has been keeping it going over the years and was quite content until your friends father tried moving the clock which upset the spirit.
Also spirits will be more drawn to children and youngsters than adults as their minds are pure and more able to accept the spirit
The spirit is trying to attack your friend in her dreams and scare her as well as her younger sister.

I would recommend that your friends mum gets a priest from her church to banish this spirit, to send him back to were he belongs in another entity. The priest can also bless your friends home with holy water. This will have a better result and a much stronger impact with the priest doing it than you or the people that live in the house.
Once the spirit has gone and they will know when he has gone because the feeling in the house will change to a much lighter feeling from an opresive one.
You can try burning cleansing oils in the home as well as sprinkling holy water and/or salt by the back and frount doors and windows in the star of David. Please let us know how you get on.
Once the spirit has gone the mum of the house may feel differant about getting rid of the clock and I would think the priest would advise her to anyway. The clock needs to be burnt afterwards to ashes to be destroyed so the spirit cannot return and attach itself to it.
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Re: Help please danger
Post # 7
My friend's parents are getting rid of it this weekend. They are having someone come to take it away. Could this be bad if we can not purify it before then. They won't contact a priest or medium.
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Re: Help please danger
Post # 8
My friend was able to get rid of the clock and all is fine.
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Re: Help please danger
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Sounds like a fine piece. I would love such a clock! I always forget to wind clocks. The spirit wouldn't bother me. Poor guy just wanted to be left alone. Icekyla informed you well though. Excellent advice if the spirit was more destructive. I don't see that dream as anything more than a way to say, "step away from the clock and no one gets hurt!" He likes his clock. What's wrong with that?
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