dragons are probably real

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> dragons are probably real
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dragons are probably real
Post # 1
hi im bubble gum 123 and i think dragons are real because how can people describe them with so much detail? i doubt they made it up in there heads im currently trying to find a dragon egg i know people normally beleave that you can only find dragons in your dreams not physically but i think they are wrong. post stuff about dragon here. ( dont be mean to me thank you)

Re: dragons are probably real
Post # 2
Some dragons are real "astral" beings, I think.
Like old pagan dragon gods. For example from ancient Greece Echidna, Chimaira, Sphinx, Ladon.............
Some of them is possible summon through meditation about a name a similar techniques. But it could be dangerous.

Re: dragons are probably real
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Your argument is based entirely around the idea that it is impossible to imagine something in detail, and then describe it. Do you not imagine dragons in extreme detail, yourself? If you have, ever, you invalidate your entire basis by simply believing your own story.

Re: dragons are probably real
Post # 4
The same way in which authors create their own fictional characters.

Re: dragons are probably real
Post # 5
I hate to break this to you but dragons are a figment of imagination that were created to describe bad things that happened during medieval times that couldn't be explained through current knowledge.

Re: dragons are probably real
Post # 6
Opinions may be different. :-)
But evocations (summoning) could show reality.

Re: dragons are probably real
Post # 7
Subjective reality, not objective reality.

Re: dragons are probably real
Post # 8
It is a matter of opinion.

Re: dragons are probably real
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9

Dragons do not physically exist in the real world despite how cool it might be if they did. If they were here in physical form we would see them around us. One could argue that they were really, really good at hiding, but then we'd be back to your argument about how could we describe them so clearly if we couldn't see them.

Dragons as a spiritual being that we see in the mind are quite another thing entirely. I have encountered one of these spiritual creatures and it didn't seem to me to be anything like the common description of dragons.

Nor are dragons described in the same way in various cultures. They are as we imagine them, not as accurate descriptions of physical beings.

A plausible explaination of where the stories about dragons came from is that some of our ancestors saw the bones of dinosaurs and created the tales about dragons based on the skeletons that they saw. We know that dinosaurs and dragons are not the same thing, but they did not.

As to how people can make up detailed descriptions, let me ask you this...have you ever actually seen a real Wookie? Authors imagine and give vivid descriptions of creatures that don't exist all of the time. So I think your argument fails on this account.

Re: dragons are probably real
By: / Novice
Post # 10
If you do find a real Dragon, please take some pictures [close up and not blurry would be best] I will go so far as to say maybe there were once dragons like there were once dinosaurs and dodos.

Research Dragon mythology, not all dragons look like the European Dragon, some have no legs, no wings, feathers, vary in size and shape, breathe fire, spit venom and on and on and on. Not every culture called them 'Dragons' either, through translation the easiest explanation would be 'Dragon'.

Like legends of werewolves and tales of witches flying on brooms, there is a logical explanation. With werewolves there's a condition that causes extra hair to grow, to medieval man they could assume it's a curse instead of a medical cause. Witches would jump over broomsticks depending on the ritual, curious onlookers would claim they were flying for two reasons, one in the dark their eyes could of been deceived, two, it sounds scarier they were flying. [Same with why real witches aren't in movies, two hours of people meditating would get boring]

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