Enchanted Elemental Gems

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Enchanted Elemental Gems
Post # 1
Enchanted gems are gems that are associated upon elements that you can draw energy from quickly and calmly without much focus or power to use upon with spells influenced with the elements.

The simple part of this is that your enchanted gem is just a special or pretty gem to you. The gem is ritualized and acquainted with the element you wish to draw energy from and to. Simply bathing it in water or fire, sprinkling it in soil. Etc.

The power and energy it gets is directly from you. Imagine it as a miniature copy of you yet without flesh and organs. Treat it like a bearing heart alone. It should've recognized as your beating heart.

You form a Psi ball and transfer any energy you'd feel comfortable using and keep the gem safe. It's your gem and yours only. Don't let it break, endangered by others use, and keep it company. Carry it in your pocket or mount it kn a necklace and wear it to initiate its significance and relation of you.

And the use of this gem will simply be by holding the gem for a psi ball instead I needing to form one. You can quickly use energy from it this way. It can be commanded and powered like a psi. Just remember, it's only used in the elements because any other spells in more advanced and spiritual grounds require more and are more taxing. Gems are formed by the elements, and that's where they're power can power the element. For example, a mother has a baby and hasn't been happy in awhile. She sees her child again and she's happy again. This is how the elements work with gems.

Consider using them. And remember to refill its energy and keep it fresh every once and while.
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Re: Enchanted Elemental Gems
Post # 2
This was a very informative thread, Winter. Thank you :)
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