Herb tea for infections

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Herb tea for infections
Post # 1
I need some advice about a herb tea that I could use for a bacterial infection particularly yeast infections. My mom is prone to them and so am I. I am looking for a herb to either help clear it up or help prevent them. I know that foods containing good bacteria can help but I don't like eating thing
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Re: Herb tea for infections
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Apple cider vinegar (1-2 cups) in baths is very good to kill yeast on the body. You can also work to balance your PH levels with baking soda baths (same amount). Minimum would be twice a week. Maximum once a day. Both are actually conditioning to skin and hair. I use ACV on my dog and I personally throw baking soda into both my own baths and my kids baths.

Unrefined expeller pressed coconut oil internally. Just a spoonful a day or you can substitute it for your current kitchen oil.

I have heard that these can do the trick granted it's not a serious infection that has gone too far and needs professional medical treatment. Natural medicine is best done early on as soon as symptoms start and even before a problem begins if you know it is chronic. So it's a preventive measure you should incorporate into your life.
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Re: Herb tea for infections
Post # 3

Cream's based with knitbone are good for healing infections already starting or rashes.

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Re: Herb tea for infections
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Garlic oil! I can't stress this enough. Also get some probiotics into you. Sweet things are what yeast feeds on. If you can lessen the sweet, and add garlic oil, you'll find a better balance. Plain yogurt is good to get the probiotics into you. I say plain, as fruit added makes it sweet, which defies the purpose. Yeast infections in the female parts can be helped by placing garlic oil on tampons. It puts the garlic right to the infected area. I take 2000 mg gel caps daily, and double that when I am sick. I have no problem with yeast anymore. Hope it works just as well for you. I know it helps..
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