get in touch spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> get in touch spell?

get in touch spell?
Post # 1
Could someone help me in the creation of a "get in touch with me" spell or help me find a spell with that affect?

info on the spell:
An old friend of mine cut all communications between us and I want to (I know it's black magick but...) I suppose we could call it forcing his will? and having him get in touch with me so we can work things out and if he didn't want to clear the air between us i'd explain how I forced his will apologize and go our seperate ways. But hes been my best friend since 1st grade always reappearing back into my life and I didn't want to lose that

blessed be
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Re: get in touch spell?
Post # 2
I don't know about a spell but a mind meditation might work.
Usually when I want a friend to contact me when I've lost their number I meditate on their looks and follow their location, to where they live, then i try to think of them calling me.
Usually what happens in a week or so they call saying they miss me or that they were thinking about me.
You could try that, but it has to do with concentration and desire to reach the goal, not only that but you have to be in a state of unawareness, in order to reach out to whom you want to reach. Usually it also works better if you get the gist of where they are at, because it makes your mind scramble around when you don't
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Re: get in touch spell?
Post # 3
I agree with FelidaeQueen. Rather than going into black magik and controlling his free will, try contacting him with your mind. This method works if you have concentration and visualisation.
Blessed be.
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Re: get in touch spell?
Post # 4
Facebook him under a different name and picture. Thinking outside of the box with mundane (non-magical) ways is magical in its self. It lets the universe know you are willing to put forth much effort and after you have exhausted all options it might just help ot without you casting a spell. If not, then when its time for your spell you will have put much energy into it already but you might get there quicker by mundane actions.
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