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Post # 1

Breathing is what gives us life. It is the vital substance we can not go without for a few mintues without dying. Yes we can survive a few days with out water. A few weeks without food. But we can not live with out air as long as those two other substances.

The first time we breath from our birth. Is the first time we draw in energy by ourselves. This energy does not come from our Mother as we were use to by the past nine months. But this is the first time we breath the energy through own vessel. The first breath and last breath. Are dramatic effects on us. But they ensure us that we must treasure every moment. We should have faith in ourselves.-coughs- Getting ahead of myself...

Back to breathing. Breathing is vital it is something we need. We do not give much to this important thing. Unless we have trouble with it. Well most do not think of it. But our breath is our source of energy. We can use it to gain more energy or lose it at the same time.

When we are upset or anxious our body tightens up on the chest. This effects our breathing as well as our energy. The breath from such feelings causes our breath to become shallower and faster. Causing the body not to get enough oxygen.

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Re: Breathing
Post # 2
Very lovely and 'Breathtaking' (sorry, that was a horrible pun). It is very profound and made me rethink the simplest thing about breathing.
In all mediations, its all about controlling your breathing and maintaining it. Sometimes you don't actually think about how important that really is to your body. So many people ask what their element is, when really we have all four of the main ones. You have just expressed and reminded us why the element of Air is so vital to our bodies and souls.
Thank you
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Re: Breathing
Post # 3

Thank you very much for the response.


So how to introduce exhaling. Exhaling is very important it allows us to get rid of the lack of oxygen that we have used.

In the First Aid lesson's. If someone is dealing with a hyperventilating attack. Our instict is to breath in as much as possible. But often to assist with this we use a paper bag for them to exhale. This will assist us more into exhaling. Which in turn will assist with the current attack.

If anyone has taken or study Chi Kung. Alot of it is dealing with Exhaling.

This simple action helps our body to relax.

Example. Close your eye's breath in slowly count to five while breathing in. Then exhale slowly counting to five. Feel the weight release as you breath out?

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