Strange Dreams?

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Strange Dreams?
Post # 1
Okay, so I have been having these strange dreams for years now and I don't know what they mean or if they even mean anything. Usually they will fall into two, maybe three different types of dreams. The strange thing is that they all feel real, not like dreams at all. They feel like real life. I can feel the wind in my face, or the water in the pool, or any pain I get in my dreams, it all feels like it is actually happening.

Lately though, I have been having them more and more. What would happen maybe once every six months or so is happening almost every night or sometimes at the very least once a month. And I don't know what to make of them. So any help or advice will be great.

So the first type of dreams I have seem a little straight forward. I would have a dream of pretty much every day stuff, ie going shopping, having a conversation, so on and so forth. Then a few months later everything that happened in my dream was actually happening now. And the moment I woke up from the dream in the past, was when I realize I have seen this before in the present.

The next two are kind of the same thing but they are different. They always have three things in common. I am in the dream, there is this same guy in the dreams that I have never met or have ever seen before in my life, and the two of us are always some sort of couple. Oh and they always come in like series. I would have a dream and then almost every night after that for awhile the dream would like continue.

So one set is nearly always in the past and in different eras. I.E Ancient Egypt, Colonial America, Medieval England, and more. Who I am in the dream and what actually happens vary from era to era and it almost seems like a daily life thing, or things that someone puts in their diary/journal. And as I said the things that are in common are there in every dream. And again it feels like real life. I can feel the stone underneath my feet in ancient egypt, or the fabric of the dresses in colonial america, et cetera. And the dreams after that almost always start up where the one the night before ended give or take a day/hours/minutes.

The other is almost always the same as well though lately I have been getting the end part of the same dream and it goes on from that, like the next part of life, of the story. I am in a dark cold, wet place surrounded by stone walls. There are, what I assume as demons, grim reapers, devils, are all up and down the halls. and that same guy is there in that dream to but he tries to kill me. Don't know. I went in more detail here

I just don't know what they mean if they mean anything. Are they memories or something or is it all just my over active imagination and random coincidences? And like I said, one of the reasons I am asking for help is because they are just happening more and more and are waking me up more and more because I can feel it happening so I wake up like if I am in too much pain in the dream, or something.

Thank you all for your help ahead of time.
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