The four Principals

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The four Principals
Post # 1
The four principals are important! They are followed, and well known in most brands in paganism. Many find these use full and I think they are. The following are; to know, to dare,to will, and to keep silent.

To know :
To know is referred to as knowledge. This knowledge comes from experience, practices, understanding, and how the magick works. There is a saying that if, a person wants to do a magical operation, she must first have knowledge, for knowledge is power, andfor power, you must have knowledge.

To Will :
To will is not just a belief saying it will work, it's a belief hat you must feel, think, and know it will work. This is the ability to concentrate, and to be able to direct it to desires. People who use this, must first have knowledge, and must be able to focus enough to direct energy's to make desires.

To dare :
This is a challenge! You must Len, and practice, but be able to challenge yourself enough that you can grow, but not to much that you get overwhelmed. Dare is to stand up for your beliefs, and rights, and to realize that to get anywhere you will need to give work, and to dare. This person must have high respect, and demand to show dare, and for work to apply.

To keep Silent :

This is important, and probably is the most important one. It was said that silence helps everything, but now that is not the case. It's now said that silence isnt needed, but many still follow this. So silence is a hard rule, but a good one. A practioner must be silent to achieve balance, and to gain knowledge. A well trained person knows how to not crow about everything, and to let the magic takeime. She know's that silence can be keen, and is better for not everyone knows. This will help to avoid bragging, and to show a true person with wisdom for she shows when to speak, and when not to.

So that is the four magical process. Please leave your views below, and thanks. I think these are good, even if some do not agree. Good day!
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Re: The four Principals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to General Info from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: The four Principals
Post # 3
I feel these are very good and can be useful for all paths.
Simple basic wisdom.

Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated.
Have a most blesses day.
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Re: The four Principals
Post # 4
Thanks, and no problem. You to!
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Re: The four Principals
Post # 5
Very important for newbies!!!...thanks!
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