Clueless.... need help

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Clueless.... need help

Clueless.... need help
Post # 1

I am not sure what all my abilities are. I know empathy and psychic, and several other things....very confused about. I have been known to say I hope this happens and BAM it happens, more the bad than good. LIke breaking my sisters pelvis and her hemorrhage, we had huge HUGE fight. Well it happened. And a few major fires. The more anger the faster it happens. The doctors saved her. THANK GOD. I also blurt out of no where when someone will and how they will die. I have no clue how, but it just pops out of my mouth. I don't know how to control these. I can tell when someone is gonna lie before they do. I hate lies, I have a I try to just keep quiet. I also have to where if I become slightly agitated with someone....and they are eating they start choking, or if they are sitting fall off what they are sitting on, or walking they fall or run into something. Am I just a freak??

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Re: Clueless.... need help
Post # 2
It seems to me your "Abilities" whatever they may be, are linked to your emotions. I wonder what would happen if, instead of anger, you were happy.

Technically you aren't doing much, your powers are (Probably) simply being able to tell what your emotions will manifest so it looks like you are doing the freak accidents, in reality your emotions (And whatever other higher powers or factors are with you) are manifesting it.

Your powers as an empath make sense, if your abilities are linked to your emotions then you should feel what other people's emotions will manifest, thus you can feel their emotions.

Emotion is (I have been told) one of the 3 legs of magick, the others being visualization and desire.
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Re: Clueless.... need help
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Sounds like you casted a spell all of those times. Emotions are powerful and with great power, comes with great responsibility. Be careful.
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Re: Clueless.... need help
Post # 4
Just by speaking the word hope this badlands, and BAM.... just like that?? Geeze SMH
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