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Public Chatter
Post # 1
I am wondering how come i can't access the chat? I agreed to the rules when i first signed up, but now it won't let me!

I also know, i have not been gagged. I can still post, and message. I use the mobile site, because i keep getting the same ''traffic database'' whenever i try to normally log in on the website. (It's been like that for almost three weeks now!)

Any ideas?
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Re: Public Chatter
Post # 2

Maybe try the webcam chatter (without the webcam) link instead of the full screen chatter.

Don't know if it will work, but it's worth a try.

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Re: Public Chatter
By: / Novice
Post # 3
If you're using it on your phone like I tend to, the site cannot support chat on phones. I don't know if I have an old version, or my friend has a different one, I have a few friends I know in real life that are members, when they log in, they have to click on a link, myself the chat is always in the corner of the screen. My chatter has always been glitchy [I need to refresh to see responses] so I just avoid it. Unless its coven, I don't see why two people can't simply message each other. Anyway, it might simply be your phone. If it also happens on your computer, message Pet so he can look into it.
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Re: Public Chatter
Post # 4
Thanks, and no it's a tabtlet. I have to use the mobile site for I keep getting a response that says ''traffic database'' on the regular site. It's been like that for almost three weeks. I also have messaged pet, but he hasn't responded and I don't want to big. I hope he foxes my website issue though.
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Re: Public Chatter
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Mailing the admin is a good idea.

However, I will also let you know that anyone who has been gagged many times on multiple accounts may experience problems with the chatter. I've heard of that before.

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Re: Public Chatter
Post # 6
Oh okay, Thanks. When I had access to the website I could chat, but I can't do it on mobile. It's still good, and I'm happy I can go on, even if it's just on mobile.

Also I have messaged pet one to two times, he hasn't fixed it, or replied and I don't want to keep pushing for I have no use for getting gagged, Nor do I want to get snapped at. I thank you all! Hopefully pet will hear from someone soon, an fix it. If not, I'll wait till it resets...if it does.
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