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Instant Magick
Post # 1
Here's something that I learned recently, but I absolutely love. I present to you: Instant Magick.

Hand triggers are hand positions that a person can do to enter a light mediative state to perform instant magick. Instant magick is basically what I like to call: 'Magick on the go'. You can use it anytime to perform minor tasks without the need for a large production. Hand triggers are a quick and easy way to perform instant magick. Examples of hand triggers are crossing your index and third finger, or pressing your index finger and thumb together (the stereotypical meditation position).

'Programming' a hand trigger is very simple. When meditating, form you hand trigger and concentrate on it. Make it you. Imagine that your hand trigger is a symbol of power and that when you make it, there are no limits. You may want to say something like: "This is my hand trigger. May I be able to perform magick with it. So mote it be".

There are dozens of uses for instant magick. To perform instant magick, simply hold your hand trigger and hold a clear intention in mind. Instant magick can be used to achieve minor healing (my favourite), stopping nervousness, detoxification, sending mental messages to someone, keeping warm, even free parking! The possibilities are endless, so experiment. However, do keep in mind that instant magick is weaker then magick performed in a circle or without any other assistance or preparation.
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Re: Instant Magick
Post # 2
Interesting post, I just wanted to state that even though in many movies and shows(mostly comedies) when someone is meditating putting the thumb and index finger is what they stereotypically do but in some cases people do use that hand placement to help open the root chakra. Here's a link to where I found that info:

Just wanted to make that clear. :)

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Re: Instant Magick
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Let me make something else clear,before I once again get accused of "belief bashing".The whole of this post is a belief, not a fact!
When you post something that is your belief,then SAY that it is your belief, and do not post it as though it is a fact!
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Re: Instant Magick
Post # 4

I love this post. I think the placing of importance on the hand gesture is very interesting. I knew a yogi, who knew a yogi who practiced a variation of something he called "hand yoga." Now, while not as intensive as the "full-out" yoga he certainly accomplished his goal for achieving a meditative mental state.

I think we are all big enough to figure out it is a belief. Why does it need to be said? I could understand if we were talking deities or spirits, but in the case of practices, like this one, is it really necessary to go, "I believe people can do this.... You may want to try it." If someone wants to try it they will. If someone has a problem with this practice then thhey shouldn't practice it. Good Lord.

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Re: Instant Magick
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Good information. Such hand triggers are actually called "Mudras" and are common in the practice of both Buddhism and Hinduism. You can find some good information on them at if you wish to follow up on the original post.

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Re: Instant Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Very good information. This is a form of anchoring from Neurolinguistic Programing. I use these techniques with my hypnosis clients. In fact, I think Chris Penzack got the idea from NLP. You can anchor any type of emotional or mental effect with it. Also, you can use a similar process to anchor magical effects such as casting a circle or the LBRP so that they are instantly available to you.
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