An app?

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An app?
Post # 1
Hi everyone i was just wondering is there an app for Android phones, ior is there ever going to be one?
I really do enjoy this site it's my third time back the last two times I've had to delete my account due to personal family issues. I am back again, and excited to be back with you all.
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Re: An app?
Post # 2
Well the technical aspect of this site has hardly been updated since it started. The search bar up there has been there for a really long time yet it still says new next to it. I'm sure the website maintenance isn't a full time job on the technical aspect so I'm not sure if they will ever get to an app anytime soon. However I think an app is a great idea even if the developers of the site may not get to it anytime soon. Though this is actually a question for administration I guess.
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Re: An app?
Post # 3
Petrara the administrative person, said there will be new updates this year. I don't believe there is an app, however there is a mobile site that is easy to navigate, but still doesn't give you the full options like profile veiwing, and for some reason the chat is not working!

I suggest asking Pet, but usually if he doesn't reply back to you in a day, the answer's No. Good luck, and blessed be,
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Re: An app?
Post # 4

I don't think there will be any updates of the site any time soon.

There would be a lot of programming and work into making a seperate application personally for people who feel the need to skip out on the full site. The site itself works fine, so why change anything?

The mobile site does restrain a lot of things from the regular site, but there's also an option to switch to full site on your phone.

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Re: An app?
Post # 5
I still can't do that anymore! Traffic datavase issue needs to rest for me, can you possibly reply to my message eyes?
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