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Lenormand Readings
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I am now currently offering Lenormand card readings.

Little backstory on Lenormand: Lenormand cards are a deck of 36 cards each with one symbol to a card (Rider [1] , Clover [2] , Ship [3] ,.... Fish [34] , Anchor [35] , Cross [36] ). They are NOT read like Tarot cards in the way that one Tarot card can tell a reader so much; one Lenormand card does NOT a reading make. Lenormand is an oracle system of cards that must be read in pairs and triplets, basically, Lenormand cards must always be read together. The energies of each card are shaped and molded by the cards surrounding each card. It is then and only then that the reader can understand the Lenormand.

The Lenormand is an extremely blunt, straightforward oracle system with no shortcuts or beating-around of the bush, whereas Tarot is more storytelling and deep. As one of the best quotes from Stella Waldvogel on Lenormand goes, "The Tarot will tell you that he has projected his anxiety about his mother onto you and that is why he has walked off; the Lenormand will tell you that he is down at the bar with his beer buddies, and it's your money he's spending."

With that said, I am extremely connected to my Lenormand deck; I read with Britta's Wahrsagekarten, a gorgeously colorful and openly communicative deck from Card Reader Britta Kienle at her website . I also encourage you all to go check out her stuff. Mrs. Kienle is sensational. I have been studying and working with the Lenormand for over 3 months now, and I can honestly say that I have not felt this amazing and genuine of a connection with any other oracle system before, except for maybe my Tarot cards.

If you would like a reading, please MAIL ME with your clearly and concisely formulated question(s) ( THREE max! ) and your name .

I cannot guarantee that I will get to your reading within that same day, because I am a full-time college student and that's pretty grueling on my schedule, but the max amount of days you will get your reply by is 3 days .

I look forward to reading for all of you with my beautiful Lenormand cards.

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Re: Lenormand Readings
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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