Reversing a curse ~ HELP!

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Forums -> General Info -> Reversing a curse ~ HELP!

Reversing a curse ~ HELP!
Post # 1
I own a business that deals with a lot of outside sources, I employ people to do design work for me, well when I took back my offer to employ one particular individual because I didn't feel she would be a good fit within the company, is when all my problems began, almost instantly, my sales dropped significantly, almost to a standstill, I myself feel very drained, no energy, very foggy, difficulty breathing, my sleep is very disturbed, etc. I'm almost positive this individual put some kind of spell/curse on me, my question is how long do the effects of a curse last and how can I go about reversing it? I have already smudged myself as well as my business, I have tried the mirror spell to reverse it back onto her, this was all done a day ago, any other input at this point would be so incredibly appreciated, I am the mother of three amazing children and the last thing I want is for this to somehow effect them, PLEASE HELP!
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Re: Reversing a curse ~ HELP!
Post # 2

Well for one I suggest a banishing. This can be done in a ritual sense or a simple sense, which is more effective depends on the practitioner. You may not be able to overcome this one on your own, I'd look into seeking some guidance and help from an outside source with more experience, if things are that bad. They should be able to tell you exactly what's up. You may want to set up a poppet or baby doll to take the brunt of the negative energy being sent your way. Cleansing is great and all, but you need to set up some kind of warding to prevent any more from coming back to you. Also, you may want to consider a spirit trap, not everyone works through burning candles or every day spells. Some people craft thoughtforms which can be a tad tricky.

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Re: Reversing a curse ~ HELP!
Post # 3
Hey,I suggest you to:

1)Cleanse you and your house.

2) Wear with you a good luck talisman or something like that.

3)Do banishing spells for banish bad luck,evil spirits etc.

4)Start to find some strange objects in your house.

5)Do a remove spell for banish curse.
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Re: Reversing a curse ~ HELP!
Post # 4
And cast a good luck spell on yourself
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Re: Reversing a curse ~ HELP!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Cut ties with her on a ritual level. This could be nothing more than a connection with bad emotions tied to it that is causing you strife and the mental effects could be you picking up on it. When we build relationships with people, even business relationships, we establish links. And those links don't go away immediately.

I like using rope magick for this because it is very sympathetic work that is extremely effective. Add your own fancy words if you really need them but the basics of it is this. One rope, two knots. One represents you, the other is your ex client. Severe the rope between both knots with a flame. Visualize a "cord" of light that connects to both of your solar plexus' disperse into dust instantly when the flame breaks the cord. THEN banish or smudge (don't forget to smudge yourself and any technological device you communicated or stored communication with). This will remove residue or lingering links. Be sure to burn anything that you have of this client's. I would say if you have files or conversations stored, at least burn a copy of them and remove them from your computer(s). If you must keep them put them on a flash drive and put the flash drive in a black cloth or box to keep it separate from you completely.

Good luck!
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No Subject
Post # 6
Banishing rites, binding is also a good idea. Sulfur to banish and break their power over you. Dandelion leaf, cloves, cactus, black pepper, angelica, agrimony are all able to be used to break the hex. Put together a sleep pillow with peppermint, dandelion root,
Chamomile, lavender, anise, jasmine, poppy seeds, spearmint and agrimony. All of these together will promote restful sleep, prevention of disturbing dreams, and sleep protection. Any combo, if you can't get all of them, is still a good idea.
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Re: Reversing a curse ~ HELP!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
If your business is failing it has nothing to do with a curse, or a spell! Businesses fail for all sorts of reasons, not least the general economy. Some of the largest, and most successful, businesses have failed, either somewhat, or entirely.It is the law of Supply and Demand. A business very rarely fails overnight; it is a gradual process.The returns start to go down,the businessman worries.The worry then causes changes in the business to be made The changes make the business fail even more.The businessman then worries more; becomes nervous; loses sleep; loses appetite. It is all quite common!
What you have to do is first stop thinking that you have been cursed. Try to find out what is causing the business to fail, and put it right.Find out why your designs are being rejected. Somebody else maybe doing it better than you.Or cheaper.
All businesses are competative, or they go under.
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