Occult Tips and Tricks

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Occult Tips and Tricks
Post # 1

Welcome to our humble little website. Occult Tips&Tricks or OTT is a based on the idea that not everyone wants to have their entire practice written out for them in a single e-mail. First of all that's annoying, we've all been there. We can have a single and simple questions and then BAM we are overloaded with a bunch of different people arguing with us about the point in doing our own research. Well think about this, we wouldn't have this single and very simple question if WE DIDN'T READ ABOUT IT SOMEWHERE NOW WOULD WE!?

Frustrations aside OTT is here to help. We are not a school. We do not offer classes. We are just here to answer your very simple (and sometimes more complex) questions. Don't beafraid to seek a little assistance. Your questions mean content on our website and content on our website means member satisfaction! We want to help, that's the extent of it. We want to help without that grueling process of explaining exactly how long you should wait before casting a spell.

What to expect here: TIPS or things you can do differently to better your chances or make things easier TRICKS or alternatives to those nasty processesthose stuck up snots who call themselves "adept" believe to be essential just because it worked for them EXPLANATIONS not everything has a quick and easy fix, but what we can offer is a reason or two as to why

Put your witching hat on and get your favorite broom ready for a long journey because what we offer and what we request will ensure that you'll have your hands full with our open and excitable little community!

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Re: Occult Tips and Tricks
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Through this whole thing you didn't even mention the URL of this supposedly good site.
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Re: Occult Tips and Tricks
Post # 3

It's linked on my profile, I kind of figured it would be a given. This is also more of an interest check than anything else.

But thanks for your incredibly helpful and relevant comment! Always appreciated. pfft

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