Wealth spells

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Wealth spells
Post # 1
Has anyone ever done them?
If you have, how did it work and what were the results?
I'm not expecting one to be 'zap!' and then money, but I do want to know which ones work well.
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Re: Wealth spells
Post # 2
Wealth spells in my opinion are fake. You earn wealth, you can't just use a spell and expect to have money in a hour.
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Re: Wealth spells
Post # 3

Defintely work.... when done right!

There are baths, lamps, petitions, charms, candles, and so many ways to go about it. Depending on your preferred area of practice there will be something for you.

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Re: Wealth spells
Post # 4

Wealth spells, if you're worried about money, do tend to be written quite simply. However no spell is as simple as the words used to describe it. I will forever stress the issue of making a spell possible.

"But it is possible to have money!"

Well yes, I realize someone isn't asking for advice on breathing in outer space where there is no oxygen. The reason it's so impossible for a human to breath comfortably in outer space without the use of technology is the complete and total lack of existing atmosphere. In the same respect in order for any spell to work the neccessary conditions must be in place. Therefore what I suggest is either getting/maintaining a job, buying a lottery ticket (don't get your hopes up), or somehow in some way putting yourself in the position to make money.

So like you said, the spell won't "zap" and give you tons of cash especially if you're in no position for that cash to actually get to you.

Now to bring this forward you'll also need the bare requirements for a healthy spell to bloom, so to speak. Don't expect a spell to give you everything you ask for perfectly handed over on a silver platter. No, spells take effort and energy.

Take care of yourself, make sure ot have a positive mindset.

"Feeding" the spell can also help. Frequently witches will keep a stone or a talisman or some kind of charm that which they used to assist in casting the spell in a safe place also filled with respective energy (that being positive or negative whichever the spell in question requires).

Plan your work and make it your own. If you're not comfortable writing spells entirely by yourself, from scratch find one that seems to fit closely to what you want and edit things as you see fit. From there, add further conditions like moon phase or the specific location you'll be in when casting the spell. Make sure things fit together for instance I don't suggest casting a complicated spell under a new moon, in the middle of the least without a fire/lamp going.

So my overall suggestion is keeping your head on straight, staying healthy, maintaining necessary conditions to fulfill your spell's intension, and make sure the spell's features work each other and your own aesthetic.

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