Urgent help for spirit.

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Urgent help for spirit.

Urgent help for spirit.
Post # 1
Ok so Im at my friend's house and he said that he was scared there might be a bad spirit in his house. I came over to check it out for him and I definitely felt something. I started asking it to show itself or talk to me and it did. It showed me that it was a woman. Then she showed me a balled man in a window. I don't know what this means so please, someone tell me as soon as possible what this could mean. Thank you
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Re: Urgent help for spirit.
Post # 2
Did you feel negative energy from either of the spirits?
Maybe the woman tried to tell you that the man is the one bringing negative energy into the house?

Maybe sage the house and try to banish the spirits?
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Re: Urgent help for spirit.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
It sounds like a restless spirit of the dead. The bald man is either the reason this female spirit will not move on (partner, lover, and enemy?), or the reason she is still on this plane (bloodline tie, guide, etc) Simply speaking, he is the reason she is here. She informed you this because you asked.

The first step I would take, is just ask her to leave nicely. She showed that she is obviously capable of communication.

But consider the possibility that this spirit is purposeful and unless it shows some kind of malicious activity you should leave it alone. A spirit's business, just like any other individuals business, is not your business. Think about all the times you are upset or having a bad day. Would you like it if some stranger walked up to you and started poking around in your affairs?

If their presence is truly bothering you or your friend, ask her to leave and give her something to kindly go on her way. Make the offering reflect the sentiment. Milk and honey on the outside of the home preferably right outside of the property is your safest bet. You do not want to give the offering inside of the home because that is a signal for invitation.

If the spirit for whatever reason becomes aggressive that is when it's best to call on a psychopomp to take them because it is likely a spiritual version of an agoraphobic with severe dementia. That's a typical restless soul for you. It's cruel to banish them. All that does is shove them away from their comfort zone and cause more grief.
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Re: Urgent help for spirit.
Post # 4
It sounds to me like a trapped spirit. First, try to find out if it is demonic or not. When you "felt something", what did you feel? Like was it sadness, grief, or was it anger, or hatred?
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Re: Urgent help for spirit.
Post # 5
Try to establish better communication before acting on this. The bald may be the real threat and if that's the case, she might be warning you of him.
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Re: Urgent help for spirit.
Post # 6
*bald guy
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