Spell for Radiant Beauty

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Spell for Radiant Beauty
Post # 1
Hi guys, I was recently going through my old boxes and I found an old grimoire I was keeping back before I began following my Wiccan path. It's got a bunch of old spells I had found when I was researching witchcraft all that time ago. Among them is a spell that I have used on more than one occasion in the past on my own and with friends and I can recall it working quite well for myself and my friends who tried it. I was wanting to share it here but realise that uploading spells is restricted but read on another forum thread here:
?If you are council in a coven, you can upload spells to that covens spellbook- and thus, the site as a whole. Some covens will automatically promote you to council. Others you have to earn. Regardless, if you cannot do this- you can always mail the council or priest/ess of a coven and ask that they upload the spell in your name. You can also upload that spell to the spell suggestion forum here.?
So here it is. I hope that others will find it useful too

Radiant Beauty Spell

You will need the following items for your spell:
Intention and Visualization
1 Pink Candle
Pink Rose Petals
Small Bowl of Water

Before you begin the spell, meditate and clear your mind so that you will better be able to focus your intention into the spell.

Place the rose petals in the water and let them soak for 15 minutes. After they have soaked, remove them from the water and place the petals in a circle around the base of the candle. Light the candle.

Sit before the mirror and focus your mind on your reflection. Visualize yourself transforming into the most beautiful, vibrant version of yourself you can imagine.

Visualize your blemishes disappearing, your skin becoming more and more youthful and exuberant, your hair becoming soft and silky, and the clock rewinding the stresses of the years.

Begin washing your face using the water from the bowl that had the rose petals in it while repeating the following incantation:

May rays of light shine upon my face,
and the glimmering dawn color my cheek.
Let the Goddess shower me with beauty,
endow me with allure and enshroud me in her grace.

Remove the ravages that time does place,
and give me clarity with purpose to seek.
May the Goddess in her exquisite love,
rid the flaws I would erase.

Repeat the incantation three times while continuing to wash your face with the water. Once this has been done, replace the rose petals in the water and extinguish the candle by placing the wick into the water.

Use the rest of the left over water to hydrate your garden or some form of nature near you.

Have faith in yourself and the Goddess and do not dwell on the spell after completion. Positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror each morning also help you manifest energy that is conducive to the spell.
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Re: Spell for Radiant Beauty
Post # 2
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Re: Spell for Radiant Beauty
Post # 3
Don't forget that confidence in yourself and pride in your appearance is the best way if all to have radiant beauty.
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