The Third Eye

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The Third Eye
Post # 1
I'm not sure why, but lately I've been thinking about the third eye and clairvoyance and things lately. I've read a ritual on here a long time ago about how I open up the third eye and I plan on taking a look at it again. But I would like someone who's quite knowledgable in this area to remind me what the third eye is used for again and maybe to give tips on how to open it and how to use it. Also, what would meditation do for the third eye and intuition? I'm sure there's more, but I can't always keep up what's in my head. So this will be it for now. Any comments, tips, suggestions, theories, hypotheses, stories, experiences, and what not will be gladly appreciated.
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Re: The Third Eye
Post # 2
This is a very broad subject and thus is very difficult to discuss all at once. Balancing all of your chakras are important, not just focusing on your Third Eye. Focusing on one can lead to imbalances in energy and can make you sick.
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Re: The Third Eye
Post # 3
Okay thank you. I do agree it's a good idea to have them all in balance with each other. Maybe I could open them all up or work on keeping them in balance. I was just talking about the third eye cuz that was just the one I had been thinking about for a while.
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Re: The Third Eye
By: / Novice
Post # 4
as mentioned the third eye is the sixth in a set of seven chakras running through your body. these chakras need to balanced in the right order or it can cause problems. if the energy pools in your third eye it can cause migraines and over-active imagination almost to the point of hallucinations in some people.

that should help you with your chakras, but there are many methods, herbs, crystans, and activities that can help. wearing the colour of the chakra for example, can charge and energize the chakra.

while the chakra can help, you can look into activities to strengthen your clairvoyant side as well. a common one is taking a deck of playing cards. draw one at a time, and try to 'feel' if its a red or black card. record results. after you get better at this, move on to predicting if its a number or face card, then the suit, and finally the full card.
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Re: The Third Eye
Post # 5
I can't agree with you, however meditation can help your chakras and can also balance things out more. However a third eye is used for intuitions, and gaining physcic ability's. It's basically also the sixth chackra, or the brow. It is accosiated with gifts, ability, intuition, empathic skills, and so fourth.

Here is a link. I have not tried it, however many have told me it works, and it is scientifically proven.
www.YouTube. com/tiptoechick

However meditation is fine, but you must let your subcincious shift. Also go to or ask a coven on here. Like eclispse, angelic touch, or shawdow witches. They are extremely focused on abilities like that. Also ask a moderator, ask around also.

Remember though, don't just work in your third eye, there are more things than that. Work in your other chakras, for it can help strengthen your third eye.
Blessed be.

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Re: The Third Eye
Post # 6
Thank you everyone you were all really helpful
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