The chatter

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The chatter
Post # 1
This is a quick guide to the chat. It's not a forum about the rules, it's a forum on how to follow them and how to avoid being gagged. This is just an option and a begginer's guide to the rules. Anyways, um yeah. The SoM website is kinda dead today.

1) Use appropriate grammar, and spell correctly. This is extremely important because one mistake can basically give you a warning from the system. Two you can also by using text speak do something that is rude, or can harm.

2) Think before you speak or in our case write, if someone says something negative and you dislike it tell them , if so continues or something elese happened tell a moderator or coven leader. Same applies for everything, if you can't state the truth, if it's rude, don't say it.

3) Don't curse, or use slang. Don't also say a bad word and then put other rmoticons to block it. If its a minor issue they may give you a warning, if not bye bye.

4) Stay on the magick topic, it s not best to change from one thing to another. I'm a way it s rude, however if it is neccasary than do so. Also don't have the topic as non magic. Yes we are allowed, but that's only if we have no topics.

5) Try not to argue, impose beliefs, or tear down others. Simple. It's also uncalled for, rude, and not a good idea. Any realms, just leave!

Anyways, this is some stuff. I was bored and its so dead here, so here is a easy rule form to not be gagged.

Last ******
Never argue with a coven leader, or monerator!!
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Re: The chatter
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Comments from Welcome.
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Re: The chatter
Post # 3

It puzzles me why you're posting this guide. There's already a rules list, and people have to agree to it before entering the chatter.

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Re: The chatter
Post # 4
Some people read the rules and agree to it, but they don't always keep their agreement in mind.
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Re: The chatter
Post # 5
It puzzles you, huh! We'll let me explain.
I'm doing this because some don't always follow the rules and many people read the newest forums! However yes we do agree but many don't care afterwards. I was also doing it cause I was bored and i broke it down so we don't have a huge list! Now do you see what I'm saying eyes?!
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Re: The chatter
Post # 6

I, personally, think it is a waste anyway. It doesn't matter if you post this. They will still break the rules! We all know that they read them. If they don't then they fail. It is a reoccurring issue. There are countless of posts and articles explaining the site and its rules but we still have rule breakers. It is all good to answer such questions about things like this if they appear buta lot membersget tired of seeing the same old threads about the site when it doesn't really help as much as we would think.

I am one who thinks we should worry more on threads about the occult. Petrarca, the administratoralong with the moderators, will deal with these things.

Thanks for the concern though.

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Re: The chatter
Post # 7
If you think this is a waist of time, it's fine. It's not your post, nor decision. I wrote this to help for gagging. Sometimes moderators don't always get through to people, I was bored and it was a post. If this is a waist of time, then why are people commenting and reading it?

I'm not trying to be rude, but were always ganna have rule breakers. If I can help limit that, then I will try. Yes it's the editors, and more job, but they have other important things.
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