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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Divination

Post # 1
For divination we can use tarot,pendulum,even playing cards.But when you read in tarot about your future you mustn't think that "But in what day I will meet a girl?" because an action in future can happen even when you are old.
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Re: Divination
Post # 2

We may very well use these things, but what about runes, rocks? A bowl of water? Dreams? Even a book can be divunation.

How? Easy. Paint rocks with symbols and throw them and see which ones land on the symbol side, or runes just pick a paper closed eye'd and voila we have our divination. We also have tarot. But a bowl of water? Well some can get a water and just shift there form and see symbols, and pictures, or even a vivid scene with colors. And a book you may ask, well think of a word or a want and grab a book and flip yo random page, shut your eyes and point. A word or sentence can very well solve riddles.

All of these can help, just deoends on the person. For me I can do runes, and books, I also can do some tarot. I can see dreams.
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Re: Divination
Post # 3
In this post I speak from my experience with divination,and I don't say that tarot cards,playing cards are only object which help us in divination,anyway thanks for correction!!! :)
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Re: Divination
Post # 4
How is it that one sees images in the bowl of water? I mean, I heard it involved a trance like state, but that's all I know.
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Re: Divination
Post # 5
I have not had success with seeing visions, shapes, colors, etc., when I scry. But yes, it does involve a trancelike state.

I tried a long time ago, by just staring at the scrying object. It was just staring at the object. I had never associated it with meditation until I tried again recently. I had fairly quick results.

Different points in technique may work differently for some folks. Here's how I have been having recent success: I prepare everything before hand: Where I plan to sit, placement of any candles and/or incense I may choose to use (I don't always, but a nice scent is ... well, nice sometimes, and there are those with correspondences). I meditate, or at the very least prepare myself (mentally) to begin meditation before I scry.

I sit before the object in as comfortable a position as I can, close my eyes and take a deep breath, clear my mind, then stare either at as finite a point as I can manage within (never on the surface; that never works for me) the object, or completely through the object. I continue, basically mediating while gazing into the object, and soon focus fades. In some cases, everything has greyed out, from the periphery of my vision to the center, until there was but a vague sense the object is even there. At some other times, what little ambient light there was has played within the object, swirling and dancing a polarized light-shadow opposition as my eyes lost focus. This caused my mind to hunt for a focus point, and ultimately distracted me.

But I believe it is somewhere at that point, a little deeper into a meditative state, where I would possibly start seeing things.
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Re: Divination
Post # 6
Okay then. And preparing everything before hand is very smart. I like to prepare everything before hand when doing rituals and meditations and I hear that you basically have everything prepared to do rituals. Or at least you should. But that's to do with moving in/out of a circle kind if thing.
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Re: Divination
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Actually, divination is not "future telling". It tells you how you can reach a certain goal and what your likely future is if you remain on the same path you are on, but it doesn't "predict" the future. If you choose to do something drastic after a reading, it will effect your future. All in all, your future is yours to write.

I do believe that some things are within our fate, but they are few and far between. If we miss them, they'll come back around a few times, and if we continue to deny it, we will miss the opportunity whether it was supposed to happen or not.

Nothing is absolutely positively sure to happen.

Divination is best used for the past and future. The one doing the reading has the advantage of a different perspective and can offer that to the individual. Also, the divination method should include "advice" which can help the questioner reach their intended goal. Sometimes advice just ends up saying it's better to pick another path.

But no one should base their life on divination results. Okay, let's face it, we all have followed it at least a few times. But the results of the divination have to resonate with what you feel is right too. And it can be very addicting to practice divination for everything and allow it to run your life. This is why I like to use it sparingly at certain times of year for myself, and only read for others on a regular basis to keep myself sharp.

I have read for people professionally. I'm just no good at running a business for it because I have too much of a heart to charge people that genuinely were in bad situations and needed advice. I ended up giving away more readings than anything. So now I just read for friends.

Don't PM me asking me for a reading. I will ignore it.
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