Unsettling Dream

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Unsettling Dream
Post # 1
I dreamt of a healthy full tree (it was either a Maple or Oak) engulfed in flames. It was at sunset. People, no one I recognized, just stood around and watched, calm, while I was really scared. The fire then spread to my house, which went up like it was paper. I was over come with a desperate need to go into the flames to save my 2 house cats. While inside my house I was nearly blinded by how bright the flames were, parts of my house were falling in but I managed to find my cats (who were completely calm) and get out before the whole house fell down.

I woke up with tears on my face and feeling very unsettled.

I welcome interpretations and explanations of symbolism.
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Re: Unsettling Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It appears that you might be anxious about something. Is there anything in your waking life that could be causing this anxiety or unhappiness? Has your life been turned upside-down or basically calcinated in any way? If so, it seems that your instincts will still survive.
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Re: Unsettling Dream
Post # 3
I recently quit my job so I could help take care of my elderly in-laws. They now reside with us. I worry about how quickly my father-in-law is going downhill and if I'll be able to handle it when his memory is gone. And worry about helping my husband through all of it, worried he might start drinking again. I keep hoping that my experience being with my own mother through her cancer and passing will be enough to console him.

So yes I suppose I have a few things I'm anxious about.

I should make some time for self reflection and pray for help in letting go of the things I shouldn't worry about before its time.

Thank you. Your comment caused me to focus on what's been happening so that I could see my thoughts clearly.

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Re: Unsettling Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I'm glad that it could help, because I am sorry to hear that you're in such a fraught situation. I've had similar dreams of calcination, but I would be particularly concerned about it happening to a tree only because I would interpret the tree as representing the entire life and world of the person (just a bias from neo-shamanistic practices, where there is always a tree somewhere and it's usually very important.) It's a good sign that the cats survived, and both the cats and tree and symbolize some other aspect of your life or your mind and experience.
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Re: Unsettling Dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Let's look at the good points first -- no one was hurt. In your dream you successfully saved your cats and you were also unharmed. This is good!

Now let's look at the other symbolism, a "healthy full tree", "sunset", "house" and of course the main theme "fire".

I found it interesting that you noted that the tree was full and healthy. This struck as odd to you. I'm sure you also feel this same security in other things that appear healthy and strong, and don't fear them becoming hurt or lost to tragedy. But the reality is that regardless of how healthy and strong anything may seem, life itself is fragile, and accidents can occur, swiftly causing destruction. Again, your house, burned "like it was paper". This also shows the fear of delicacy despite appearance.

I'd like to bet you're not feeling very secure in your life right now. Things are changing and you are sensing that what felt sturdy and strong is no longer comforting. The realization that most things in life are "temporary" and not permanent is sinking in, and that's causing you to feel "unsettled". Maybe you lost someone in your life recently, or friend or relative had an accident or grew ill? Perhaps you are just going through a transition in your life. Or this could be a longstanding fear of insecurity.

But, despite all of that, you and your cats still stood! So, despite your lack of comfort, you know you'll make it. And you know what your priorities are. You could have considered your personal belongings, photos, etc. but you went in for just your cats.

Everything in life is temporary, especially our possessions, but even our feline friends and our own bodies. Nothing lasts forever besides bonds. Bonds are made with the heart and therefore run deep through our spirits. When we lose things in life, we don't lose them in memory and that's where they continue to live. That's why it is important to live in the present. Because if you always look to the future, you won't be making those memories for your future. These things shape us. Life runs in circles or cycles and even though it may not seem like it at the time, when you take a step back, you'll see that everything good comes back around in time, usually in a different form. Everything that you didn't really need goes away to let in new things. As we grow, we need more room. We need to discard our old skin so the new one can shine through.
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Re: Unsettling Dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Fortune Telling from Misc Topics.
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