Start spells or basic?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Start spells or basic?

Start spells or basic?
Post # 1
Hi, I'm new. So I'm excited to learn about white light magick. But I feel like I'm rushing into things because I want to reach my goals.
Should I start with basic or just start doing simple spells?

I started meditation or aura-related stuff.
I want to start cleaning or banishing curses, protection spells, and fix or repair my shield.
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Re: Start spells or basic?
Post # 2
Magick has no color. Magick is just energy and energy has no color. they are categorized as black and white magick because people believe some can harm and others cannot. but really it just depends how you use them.
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Re: Start spells or basic?
Post # 3
I highly discourage you from using any curses because of things like karma. Curses generally tend to be negative and what you put out into the universe will eventually come back to you in some way. I'd say keep up the meditation and aura related stuff as long as it's positive. As far as magick goes, make sure you research, write down, and even double check the magickal properties for the things you want/need/plan on using. Make sure you don't doubt yourself, your abilities, any partners you have in your workings or their abilities, or your magick. As far as colors go, if you have a bunch if white supplies, that is fine, because white is multi purpose and also stands for purity. As far as purifications, banishing, and exorcisms go, things like white or silver sage, holy water, and just simple sea salt are useful. So are white quartz crystals/stones.
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Re: Start spells or basic?
Post # 4
If I use seasalt to cleanse myself or remind what someone send to me~am I vulnerable afterwards? Does seasalt remove anything else? I hope it doesn't remove anything good by accident.
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Re: Start spells or basic?
Post # 5
In my opinion -- and others will likely chime in with contrary advice, so do not take what I have to say as the one way -- learning how to do cleansing and protection rituals/spells/etc., are among the easiest things to start with. I can even say they can be successful while still studying the basics.

A lot of it falls into the category of centering and grounding, a very important practice in magic and meditation. There are plenty of useful visualizations which may work. There are also plenty of simple ingredients which are suggested in many cases, and available in most grocery stores. Visualizations are simple in many cases, and can also be a big help with learning energy manipulation.

As far as banishing a curse, sometimes centering and grounding is all that's necessary to rid one's self of external negative energy (which is all many curses are). I use this and some other simple techniques at work during the most stressful times - some things I learned years ago, and before I learned they have any connection to magick.

Some teaching systems, I have read, mandate their students study cleansing, protection, and baishing for a long time before moving on to more serious things. It's because these are so important, and generally used in almost everything from that point.

These are not everyone's methods, so take my words with a grain of salt.
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Re: Start spells or basic?
Post # 6
Start with the basic. Cast when you know what you are doing.
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Re: Start spells or basic?
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Basics is recommended. Knowing how beore doing is always the way. Can't read without learning how. lol
Here are the basics:

Forums/ General Info/ Basics Expanded and Starting Out.

These are good to begin with. There are others in that area also good to read to increase your knowledge. Good luck! Blessed Be...
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