The way I Astral Project.

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> The way I Astral Project.

The way I Astral Project.
Post # 1
When I prepare to enter the Astral Plane I make sure that I will have at least one hours time where I will not be bothered. This is important when attempting to Astral Project. I was awakened while on the Astral Plane and my Astral body was snapped back into my psychical body and my energy was drained intensely for nearly 4 days by being put into my psychical body without expecting to be.
The next step I take is I close my window blinds so the light doesn't bother me while I try to get into a trance.
I go onto and search Binaural beats specifically made for Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projecting.
Then I Lay on my bed in very light clothing so as not to bind my astral body with my psychical.
I Close my eyes and go into a meditative state, clearing my mind of all worries and troubles, Knowing for at least 1 hour I can be completely at ease with my life and sink deep into my sheets.
I imagine that my body is a ship deep into the ocean rocking slowly back and forth as the tide carries me deeper and deeper into the ocean of my mind. I allow my body to float further into the waters of my thoughts and as I let the waves take me away I envision this beautiful bright light shining on my head slowly and gracefully bathing my body in its warmth and wisdom that is my inner and deep subconscious mind. I imagine a string hanging right in the center of my third eye and as the ship rocks me side to side until my hands are able to touch this invisible string and I am able to slowly let the string slide through my fingers and down my arm and when and only when I am ready grab the string do I see my Astral body slowly start to bind with the string as the connection gets tighter and tighter I climb out of my psychical body and float towards the door. I know that I am in my Astral body and I am simply one with the earth so I needn't touch the door handle to get out of my room.
Now I wouldn't recommend leaving your house on your first time out of your body. I would stay close so I am still able to go back to my body and recall my experience.

I hope this helps some of you who are trying to Astral Project for your first time.
and remember no entities or deities out there can make you do anything you don't want to do when traveling Astrally.
Enjoy your experience because it is yours and yours alone.
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Re: The way I Astral Project.
Post # 2
This is very helpful! Interesting technique. Would you mind sharing any tips with me on how I can recall my dreams better? I just started trying to AP, but I can never remember any of my experiences.
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Re: The way I Astral Project.
Post # 3
Thanks for this. It will really help.
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Re: The way I Astral Project.
Post # 4
good technique;)
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Re: The way I Astral Project.
Post # 5
Love it! Thank you for sharing !
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