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New to the Site
Post # 1
Hi all,

like the subject says, I am new to the Website,
As long as i can remember i am learning here and there about the occult. The reason i came to this site is i want to learn more and more. My family goes generations back in the art of witchcraft, but the family book disappeared when my grandmother died and my grandfather didn't want the children or further generation would be interested in The occult and did everything to hide the Family book. this was a bit of my story. i hope to learn a lot more.
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Re: New to the Site
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Welcome to Spells of Magic, this site hold a variety of information. Witchcraft as you know is a old practice that dates back before medieval days. Witchcraft as you know doesn't really fit into any religions, this is because Witchcraft can be a little apart of any religion.

You can find many things about "Witchcraft" and its roots, you can ask around to our knowledgable members. Now since you want to learn about magick, I would suggest you to read up. Magick isn't like Hollywood, magick can't make apples appear out of no where, or stop a bullet, or teleport you anywhere.

Magick has laws in which are not placed on us by people, these laws are from the Universe. There are some people out there compeled to see if they can break these physical boundries, but they can't.

Now, learning more on the subject you are wanting to know, doesn't have to be online reading, you can buy books. You can find some information online, especially on this site, you can check our "Articles" or "Forums", or you can participate in our open chat (but first, if you haven't, complete the chat rules agreements, read carefully).

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Re: New to the Site
Post # 3
Wow you have a very interesiting story!!!Welcome to SOM!!! :)
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Re: New to the Site
Post # 4
Welcome to som. Hope this site helps you. You should join a coven of your interest. I'm in magical knights. Anyways check out newbie central. Also check out the articles som survival guide, and chatter rules. They help a lot. That's my info. Welcome. :)
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Re: New to the Site
Post # 5
Welcome to SOM,I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did
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