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Post # 1
Hello! My name is Anaksunamoon, I am brand new to this site and have yet to submit an application to a coven. I have joined this site as I have had way too many occurrences for them to be just random... for instance I often know things before they happen, I've answered questions that someone asked BEFORE they actually spoke it...I thought they did...I'd like to learn how to harness my what I now consider to be a gift instead of a curse. I am unsure of which coven to join to help me with this... I also have touched people as in shaking hands and have seen a vision of them...I'm also very connected to animals..if anyone has any suggestions on which coven would best suit me I'm open to hearing them. I'd like to learn to control an element such as fire, although my Scorpio sign says I'm a water element... I feel fire suits me better.. lol just an assumption I don't know for sure. Also would like to learn how to control my what seem to be psychic abilities and learning to move things w/o touching them would be great too. So happy to be here and nice to meet everyone.
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Re: Namaste!!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

You can not "control" any element, elements are old and powerful. As for covens to join, I am not sure how many covens teach or study such "abilities", I am not 100% sure that there is a gift that allows you to know, so honestly, I can''t answer this.

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Re: Namaste!!!!
Post # 3
TY ZeusUniverse for your honesty. And as for "controlling" elements I have only heard of some being able to somewhat "control" (for lack of a better word) them... I am just wanting to learn how to get a hold on the things I can see.. It doesn't happen all the time and when it does it's somewhat overwhelming as I know it to be true. I also love spells and I am very in tune with my energy, when I massage someone I push my energy into them, it's like I "feel" them as I give the massage or facial with massage w/e... just looking to learn so much more... everyone I massage or have given facials too with the massage part says I have magic hands...I'm an Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, used to be CNA and have taken classes towards my RN and run a home based biz.
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