Tips on healing magic?

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Tips on healing magic?
Post # 1
I've recently noticed that my most effective spells are the healing ones I cast on myself whenever I have a cold,headaches or cramps. Tbh, I think I've been practicing healing magic even before I studied magic, I always medidated focousing on pain areas, visualizing a white light there and all the bad energies going away.
My point is, since it may be something I'm good at, I was thinking about learning more about it and developing my habilities.Are there any good reads or exercises I could try?
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Re: Tips on healing magic?
Post # 2
Everything is made out of rythmic vibrations of
energy so try rhythmicly breathing with slow
timed breaths counting starting with four seconds
for instance, this will help you to tap into prana or
energy.We breathe out energy so the air is
satured with it, so try imagining a spinning sphere
over the area drawing in energy from the air
around it.Practice drawing energy into yourself
and feel it heal your whole body while meditating,
resting,sleeping,&c.Try tapping into energy by
saying a name slowly and while breathing out
making as much vibration as possible so as to
conjure up magical energy from the body and
direct it with the mind.
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Re: Tips on healing magic?
Post # 3
Ooh I had something like that except I ended up hurting myself lol here's a mediation from kundalini yogaMeditation to Increase the Healing Power of Your Hands

Rub your hands together vigorously for 3-5 minutes. This stimulates the flow of prana and produces heat. Hold your arms out from the body, parallel to the floor with the palms up. Do breath of fire for 3 minutes. Inhale and hold your breath, then move your hands out so that its as if your palms are pushing the walls away from you. Feel the energy in the center of your palms flow throughout your body. Then rub your palms together for another 2 minutes. Move your hands in front of you, left palm up, right palm down on top, with about 8 inches in between them, in front of the stomach. Meditate upon the exchange of energy between your palms.

The entire meditation should take 11 minutes
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