Forgetting a bad memory

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Forgetting a bad memory
Post # 1
Hi everyone I'm new here. I have never practiced this before , but I am wanting to. I need help. I have my boyfriend who I'm crazy in love with and I want to marry. We've been together for two years. About 3 months ago I fell into peer pressure by my therapist, family and friends and me and my boyfriend broke up. It killed me the entire time , but I was also scared and did not think I was good enough. We are back together but I was wondering if there was a spell and how do I perform it to make him forget that happened? I want to focus on now and I know it hurts him. It kills me that it happened. He cried everyday and I want him to trust me and forget it happened. Please help. Thank you
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Re: Forgetting a bad memory
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Nothing on your profile, so difficult to know how to help you.
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Re: Forgetting a bad memory
Post # 3
Hi there, since ur new to magic I have to tell you what magic is NOT. It's not a quick and easy solution. It's a process of fixing our vibrations to fit a certain energy into our lives. So what can you do then? Well let me tell you what you really need 1st. No, you don't want him to forget what happened. You need him to accept it and to learn from it. I know it's harder this way, but that's why fate made it this way. But you can help him do it, you have to be strong for both of you. 2ndly, to manifest him healing you should visualize him healed, stronger as a person and completely happy. Feel as it is happening right now and send positive feelings as if it were happening now. Believe it and so shall it be as the saying goes. This website has more tips if u want anymore. It's called "apply the Law of attraction.Com and the article is 5 secret tips for successful visualization" ( I can't post I link cuz idk how with this phone sorry)
Hope this helped :)
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