What's going on? Help!

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> What's going on? Help!

What's going on? Help!
Post # 1
To start off, my family has psychic abilities. We see and speak to ghosts, we have premonitions, and other psychic things. As of right now, I have premonitions in my sleep, but I never know they are until it actually happens.

A few times I have had strange instances.

I answer people's questions before they ask them and one time I drew a circle on my wrist and a piece of paper and my pen bled through in dots all over it. I'm not kidding. It happened instantly. I had drawn paw prints and couldn't stop thinking about them and walked passed a classroom with paw prints hanging from the celling everywhere.

So, there's something today that I need help with.

I stood up from sitting on the shower floor and I began to feel dizzy. I felt myself lightly and slowly fall toward the wall. Instead of my vision getting clearer, like it normally does when this happens, it got darker and darker. A scene from last night's dream kept replaying over and over. It's all I could think about.

It's all I could see. I could feel myself shaking as the dream forced itself in my vision. When it was done, I stepped back as my vision cleared up. Instead of the shower head being on the hook it was wrapped around the temperature knob. I quickly got out of the shower after that experience.

The getting dizzy part happens a lot, but the dream replay so vividly is new. Normally, I brush the dizziness off to sitting on the ground, but this time, it stood out to me. It feels very important internally.

The dream consisted of me being pregnant, while laying in bed in pain. I was at a beach house and I had to stay in my room. I had a feeling of joy about being pregnant, and kept holding my stomach like a pregnant woman does. I felt very protective. It was an instinct. A while after my pain went away, I had walked outside and my mom and sister were on the beach swimming and tanning.

I had walked off and into a little town/village with my stepdad and instinct told me I was running from someone. I kept touching my stomach and holding it.

I had taken a bike and rode it down the street.

Now, that's when the dream ended, but in the shower when I was shaking and my vision went away and I saw part of my dream. I kind of meant an extension.

I was, again, holding my stomach in the bed. And there was a man there and he whispered that he loved me.

I have no clue what any of this means, but it's the longest I've thought about a dream and the longest that I've remembered it and it was so vivid.

Can anyone help me figure out what this means? Is this supposed to be a message (psychically?) If you can help, please leave something in the comments.
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Re: What's going on? Help!
Post # 2
That's crazy. I'm not calling you crazy. I'm just saying your experience is just...Woah.

Judging by what you're saying, yes. It is definitely psychic in nature. I'm not sure about the meaning of it, though...
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Re: What's going on? Help!
Post # 3
I come from 4 generations of psychics your not alone. I can see ghosts, have premonitions and sence people's emotions.
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Re: What's going on? Help!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Moonsparkle, your profile says it; Imaginative. Very vivid imagination going by your post! I don't doubt your experience in the shower; but are you sure it was not just imagination?
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Re: What's going on? Help!
Post # 5
Oh, I don't know. It just seemed very real to me.
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Re: What's going on? Help!
Post # 6
Hmm, thanks. I am very confused by it all still.
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Re: What's going on? Help!
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Imagination can be quite overwhelming, as more and more contribute things like this as a magick experience. You holding your belly could be that you are looking forward to having children. And if this dizzy happens a lot, I would keep an eye on your sugar intake and blood pressure. Any drug store these days has a machine to take blood pressure for free. Diet can attribute to the dizziness too. Eating at regular intervals is important to keep your body supplied with the fuel needed. Also the type of food is important, as just protein or just natural fruits is not a balance, and can affect the body and brain. I would look at the whole picture and see if any of this applies. The dreams can be just dreams, and as I said, looking forward to pregnancy. Not so fast though, as you are young and want to live some first, before tying yourself down to motherhood. I hope this helps. BB
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