The realest dream ever...

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> The realest dream ever...

The realest dream ever...
Post # 1
I have never had a dream so real in my life.
Lately, me and my friend have been studying dimensions. I posted a thread awhile ago, talking about this entity. As a way to move on from the strange experience, we started looking up quantum physics and such. It was mainly for fun. Then we stumbled upon some articles about some sort of transition to a new dimension. I couldn't find the article again. But basically, it was like-
We are in the 3rd, we are going to transition in the 4th dimension, where we will have full control of our thoughts and all this amazing stuff. Then we go to the fifth dimension...
-Then i cant remember the rest of the article no matter how hard i try.
So at the time we thought the article was interesting, but nothing fully noteworthy.
At the beginning of the year, my dreams were beginning to get very very vivid. But i still knew they were dreams. No matter how 'magical' they seemed.
But last night...
Before i went to bed, i like to meditate. I was nice and calm, then suddenly my body had gotten tense, i was seeing colors, and lights, and shapes and things i could not comprehend. My body started twitching and reacting weirdly. I had no idea where this whole thing came from, but i tried to stop it. My body was literally weightless. Then my head snapped, and cracked a bit. An i couldn't move. Things were quiet and peaceful again. and i fell asleep, as if it never happened.
A lot of things happened in my dream i couldn't remember,and i usually see a lot of symbols (Like markings or tribal symbols.) in my dreams. but this part was the most real, the most amazing and astounding thing i ever witness. I could see, hear, feel...everything.
I was walking on a bluish grey, pebble like stones. The sky was clear blue but it had silhouettes of other round objects like a distant planets. i quickly looked at my hands. I even took the time to analyze them, and i could see every detail as if it were high definition. I cant do that in real life. I have poor vision. I just kept staring at them, because i felt like if i looked away, id lose all of it. Then a voice, that sounded like mine, but more angelic said "You can come here"
Then my father woke me up.
I wasnt tired when i woke, i full full of energy. I just, couldn't move. like my body was made of jelly, yet i was still stiff. As soon as i could walk, i got up, got breakfast, and came to this site to see if anyone had some answers. That voice still plays in my head over and over.
does ANYBODY have ANY idea what the hell happened to me? I feel like the dimensional things happened or something. I just dont know.
I was mad at my dad too, you bet. He was confused. He thought he just woke me up from a good sleep or something...
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Re: The realest dream ever...
Post # 2
You might have astral projected, but i'm not 100% sure.
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Re: The realest dream ever...
Post # 3
what does that mean
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Re: The realest dream ever...
Post # 4
astral projection is when your astral body separates from your physical body and you voyage to dimensions.
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Re: The realest dream ever...
Post # 5
Really? does that stuff work? Can i do it again, but let it last longer? Or is that really what happened?
Sorry if im asking a lot of questions, im just trying to get answers...
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Re: The realest dream ever...
Post # 6
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