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Introduce Yourself
Post # 1
I realized I'm an empath a year and a half ago, but recently started magic to deepen my bond with nature. I joined because this sight has a lot of information and I have a great need for it, being new to the craft. I'm merely seeking to develop as a witch and an empath, and to live closer to how nature intended.
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Re: Introduce Yourself
Post # 2
I'm an ordinary boy who progressed normally over the years and I'm 17 almost 18 years old. I'm only replying to this post cuz I want an answer. Why did I have in the past, dreams of the future poping out of nowhere and still having them? And why can I tell how an year will play out based on assumptions about reality and no information at all that is based on only feelings and heart feelings? I know I'm not scared of future but I would like to find out why I have such omnious components.
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Re: Introduce Yourself
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
That's a very nice intention. Its nice to have people like you on here.

I hope you find this site very useful to you. If you need any help I- along with a lot of others on here- will be glad to help you.
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Re: Introduce Yourself
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Arcaedus, you may be having these dreams because you have a really open or over active third eye Chakra. The third eye is associated with the psychic and spiritual part of you. If it is over active or just really open, psychic abilities may become more prominent and more easily used. It may be controlled or balanced with your other chakras through meditation, but I don't know how long that will take.

However its not hard to tell how a year will pan out, in my opinion. Even if you say it is based only off a feeling, you still can pick up small hints of things from other people's behavior. This can cause that feeling if you are not consciously aware of the hints that you are picking up from others. Not only that, but you will also subconsciously compare the present situation and all the hints from people's body language etc. to past events and how they turned out. Aside from that, it could also be a part of your dreaming ability and a result of your open and active third eye Chakra.
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