The Fox

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The Fox
Post # 1
So in this dream i was going hunting and i was trying to find a rare ghost fox (albino) so i went deep into the forest and it was standing on a stone near water.
So i aimed my gun at it and tryed to shoot and it didnt shoot.
The fox gave me a glare with one red eye and one green eye.
It turned into a vapor thingie and flew towards me.
I was startled,so i backed back,then i felt something weird,my teeth were sharper then normal,then i looked at my arms,i was a ghost fox too.
I married the fox and yaaaa woke up.
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Re: The Fox
Post # 2
You may just be dreaming what you want to but I may not be right
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Re: The Fox
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
It was just a dream! I know a lot about foxes.Two come to my door every night when I feed them. There is no such thing as an Albino fox. If one was actually born the mother would kill it!
There are Arctic foxes who grow a white coat,but they are not true Albinos.
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Re: The Fox
By: / Novice
Post # 4
@ Brysing thats so cute ^_^ i love foxes, always wanted one as a kid.

i don't know if there are albinos or if they are killed as Brysing said. i know there are albinos of many species, but its a very poor life for them unless they are captive and someone can care for them. it was probably an artic fox. dreams are entertaining stories your mind makes up as you sleep. while i do interpret dreams and feel sometimes dreams tell us things, most of the time its for fun. please don't take the interpretation as fact, not only are dream interpretations personal, your dream could of been simply fantasy not your mind warning you of something.

hunting can be seen as you are searching for something, hunting an animal is a part of yourself you intend to kill or suppress. foxes represent cleverness, cunning, resourcefulness. it could mean you wish to do away with these aspects of yourself [as you start to turn into a fox] the fact it is a white fox [albino or artic] suggests you wish to be at peace with, or do away with, this aspect of yourself. [the fox could also represent a person you know]

the eyes are said to be a window to ones soul, red can mean danger [among other things] and green can represent peace [among other things] which eye could also give more detail. i feel the different eye colours mean the duality of the situation and the choices you face before you. the left represents ones thoughts and emotions, while the right symbolizes your concious reality.

at the end of the day however, it was a dream, take from it what you will, but don't fret too much over it.
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Re: The Fox
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
A true Albino fox would not survive in the wild.There is no pigment, so the coat would be pure white, and the eyes pink.The mother fox would reject such a kit, and probably kill it.
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