need some opinion

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need some opinion
Post # 1
I recently had a dream that I cannot decipher it is confusing and scrambled so just bear with me.

I don't remember the beginning but I remember the rest.
I was in a dark old bathroom that looked abandoned for quite some time. There was close to no light except that was coming from the mirrors. In it was 3 mirrors and 2 men standing motionless looking into the mirrors on the edges of the counter (there was no sinks just mirrors) this left the middle mirror. I went towards it and looked into it and at first nothing happened but then I saw the two men get grabbed on the shoulders by shadow that were shaped like them (same size and body shape) and made them disappear. Expecting this I looked in the mirror and saw a shadow that was at least 2 feet taller than I. I looked behind me and saw nothing. I looked into the mirror and saw it still there, then I felt it's bony hands on my shoulders and slipped under it it's grasp grabbed its neck and head and started yelling in tongues. This thing dissolved inot me and the dream was over.

I have no idea what to think about this it doesn't frighten me but just makes me wonder what I was saying and what I was speaking. If anyone has any thought of what this could mean please post, thank you everyone and have a good day
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Re: need some opinion
By: / Novice
Post # 2
The dream-ego can be a funny thing. Your one saw what happened to the two others and acted as if, "oh, the middle mirror must be for me!" And the shadow, rather than being a match, was out of proportion. And then your dream-self turned the tables and ate the shadow when it otherwise would/could/should have eaten you.

The mirrors and shadows could represent something either illusionary or something way too true that can't be consciously seen. Not necessarily paranormal, although it can be that, just something perhaps that you can't consciously catch because it's shunted to a separate category. Rather than letting it master you or surprise you, you have mastered it.
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Re: need some opinion
Post # 3

Sounds like a really freaky dream D:

This sould have many meanings, depending on what they symbolizm represents to your subconscious mind. Mirrors often represent self reflection, vanity, or the need to "take a look back". Combined with the others being taken away by what sounds like their shadow selves. To me this speaks of not letting yourself get carried away or dragged down by unresolved issues.

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Re: need some opinion
Post # 4
Thank you both for your responses I appreciate it. I believe aeon is close whatever those things represented they tried to get me but I surprised it and won. The only thing you are wrong about is I didn't think that mirror was for me, there was no choice in the matter the other two stood still like rock and I didn't want to disturb them.Im more thinking about the symbolism behind the other two and how they relate to me. Perhaps just one long way of saying I'm different? Jokes I'm not that narcissistic but I was more worried of what I said while touching that thing it sounded almost Latin but I don't remember what it was I said.
Do you two think this could have a connection to my friends? It's a long shot but my group is three people including myself when I introduced to each other so I am the middle man. I don't know just shooting the dark I could be wrong
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