curse against enemy's spe

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curse against enemy's spe
Post # 1
Hey guys. I found a curse against enemy's spell on this site. It said on the what u need section is your voice enemy's etc. My question is, does your enemy's need to be around you for the spell to be effective? I really don't want message on the three fold law as I know what I'm getting into with type of spell. I only want an answer on the above question. Thanks heaps.
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Re: curse against enemy's spe
Post # 2
I won't tell you about the three-fold law, and I won't give you any information on curses, either. There is plenty of information on there about curses, if you really want to you will find it, but like a loaded gun, I don't think anyone should just hand it over easy to someone with a self-annihilation wish. Instead I will speak from personal experience: curses work, yes, and they can work really well, but they demand an enormous cost for someone being foolish enough to assume the cosmic wisdom necessary to pass a sentence on another living spirit. I will give you the real heads up about curses that I am not sure anyone has told you, "when you do it, prepare to say goodbye to everything you care about and everything about your life that gives you pride and joy. Because when it is done, you will be broken, lost and possibly alone, and it will take everything you have and more to put the pieces of your life back together again".

With sincerest cautions,
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Re: curse against enemy's spe
Post # 3
No, your enemy does not have to be near or present for the spell to still be affective. Personally, I believe the only way a "back-fire" can affect you is if you let it-- If you feel guilty about doing it afterward, that is when it gets bad. Please note that I myself have yet to perform a spell such as the one you speak, and I don't think I plan to any time soon. I just advise that you really think about it and you do it responsibly. Consider your personal morals and ethical beliefs and how it can affect you. Before deciding to do a death spell, I suggest you should just try a simple banishing one to get them to move far away from you, a binding of a troublesome person. But that's not what you want to hear. Still, think about it: Would you want someone to kill you with magick? It is practically murder, and the remorse will probably lead you to insanity (especially if nobody else knows you practice and you can't tell anyone to get mental, professional help). Also think about the other person's family and life you are hurting. If it is selfish, don't do it. Good luck and blessed be.

- Clairy.
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Re: curse against enemy's spe
Post # 4
Well, I agree on many points. Curses do work. I've been doing revenge, get-even and vengeance spells and curses for others who are afraid to do them for years. You must know exactly what you are doing, if not, don't do it.

I have my own theory why there is this "three fold law". It's because revenge, vengeance spells really, truly work so well - it's amazing - so much so, that there has to be some way to deter spell casters like me from doing them.

If in your heart, you really believe in the "three fold law", guess what - yeah, you're going to get it! I've been doing them for so long (we're talking years), with such great success, sorry, I don't follow it.

Anyway, I suggest don't attempt it, unless you are comfortable with it and know what you're doing.

Good luck.
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Re: curse against enemy's spe
Post # 5
Going through the motions and saying the words is not going to work.

First seek to understand how magic works (and how it doesn't!).
Then go back and cast your spell(s).
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