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Post # 1
I have this knack that I've had from a young age: whenever I meet someone I can feel them out and know whether or not they are truly genuinely nice people or if they are fake within 45 seconds of meeting them. I wouldn't call this being judgmental because it's not based off of anything other than the "feel" that I get when we come into contact. I feel like if it was just based off of their appearance it would be judgmental, but it's based off of a "feel" I get from them. So I guess my question here is what allows me to just "know" this about them? Is there a name for it? What is it that predisposes me to being able to feel out whether or not this person is essentially good or bad?
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Re: Question??
Post # 2
It is called simply, awareness.
You see through the mask that most people wear.

Grow the skill, and you'll be able to learn a lot more than whether they are just a "nice" person, or if they are "fake", from this natural talent that you have.

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Re: Question??
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
It is most likely intuition, people look out for things like whether someone is good or bad and sometimes your intuition can tell you.
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Re: Question??
Post # 4
Psychologists will tell l you that you do make a decision about every person you meet within the the first 60 seconds of meeting them. This is an unconscious process and is hard to control

Once you have made a judgement you will collect evidence which sports that judgement and will often ignore evidence which challenges that judgement.

First impressions always count and can be very hard to change.

The reason we do this is because we are lazy and wish to spend as little enegy as possible thinking about something. It is also thought to stem back to when we were primates and had to make a snap decision about whether another primate was a friend or foe.

We use previously stored knowledge unconsciously to help interpret new data in a consistent way. (Or at least what we think is a consistent way)

The brain is an amazing super-computer, there is no need to make supernatural conclusions, the human brain is more amazing than any half-baked pseudo-mysticsl explanation.
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Re: Question??
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
As usual,Hadit, a sensible post. But I have one question.When did humans stop being primates?
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Re: Question??
Post # 6
You are correct! I made a slip there, I obviously still unconsciously believe humans are a class of their own, beyond our distant relatives we call animals!
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