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Post # 1
I've had this account for a while, and I've just been looking around and trying to learn as much as possible about the different thing's that there to do through all of this. What has caught my attention the most is black magic and occult arts. I'm not really sure why and I've been searching for answer's as to why. When I first started this account and got interested in this, my main reasoning was to convince my girlfriends parents to except us using magic. I wasn't doing it for the beauty or joy of it, although I would love to still get them on the same page, I would like a better understanding as to why I'm drawn to this. If anyone might have an idea, feel free to comment.
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Re: new
Post # 2
1. Waiting and learning before expressing shows at least a small bit of wisdom.

2. I suppose the question to ask yourself about "black" magic and occult arts is... Why? Why do they get your attention in general?

3. Does it really matter whether your girlfriends parents accept the two of you "using magic"? Or whether they get on the same page with you, whatever that means?

Whatever you are drawn to, only you can really answer "Why?".
My suggestion would be to sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself, asking yourself what you actually want to get out of it?
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Re: new
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Examining your motives is a very wise thing to do. I personally want to fully believe that the magical path is a "self-correcting" process, so if you come in with less-than-wholesome goals--whether that's for the left hand or right hand or middle, green, whatever paths--then magic either won't work for you or the magical methods to accomplish what you want will lead to more personal insight.

But that's not necessarily true, some magicians can do quite a bit of magical damage (and then sort of lose the plot) so it's great that you're starting with personal insight. ;-)

But only you can answer why you're drawn to this. I hope you'll find support here for anything and all things you discover!
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