Love spell

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Love spell
Post # 1
Does anyone know a love spell for make 2 people be together?Thanks!!Blessed be!!!P.s this spell is for a friend
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Re: Love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
tons. [thats what a love spell is for] please explain further. bindings will force people together, but its a bad idea if one or both people are unwilling to do so. a common binding is a handfasting which is a wedding ceremony, and you wouldn't want to marry someone without agreeing to it would you? with a binding, if they break up and you do not or cannot undo the spell, these two will keep bumping into each other no matter where they go for the rest of their lives.

a candle spell might work. look in the love spell section for a spell involving two candles being placed together. you should take two candles representing both parties [pink for girl, blue for boy] and carve the name on the candle representing the person [john smith on the blue, jane doe on the pink] anoint each candle with some kind of love oil, then place the candles together and light them. as i said, looking up a similar spell along those lines should work. be sure to charge the items with energy and to focus and visualize as you cast. one final point, let the candles burn out. if for whatever reason you need to put them out, it is best to snuff them out rather than blow them out, most people believes it will undo the spell. up to you though.

lastly, casting over an unwilling person is wrong and can bring negative karma your way so just keep that in mind. if its two friends who like each other but are too shy to admit it is one thing, someone who already is dating someone and your friend is too shy to introduce them-self and want you to play matchmaker is another.
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Re: Love spell
Post # 3
Thanks again,nekosema for a best answer!!!Blesse be!!!
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Re: Love spell
Post # 4
Try amulet.

Love amulet or a amulet that brings good things to you.

Yantra amulet may work.
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